Thursday, June 5, 2008

AoC Exploit: Kill elite bosses without taking damage requires a mount

This exploit requires a mount.
The trick is to keep the boss knocked down on the ground the whole fight. you will never take damage or needed a healer to do it.

You purchase the horse. The horse gets a rear facing "kick" that refreshes insanely fast. IE so fast that you can almost solo keep a mob knocked down. Just have someone on a horse back up to the mob and someone else maintain aggro (or back the mob into a wall or something). Then spin around and rear kick him while everyone else beats on him. You will kill the mob and if you can control where it goes (IE have a tank keep it taunted on the tank and stand in the spot) no one will take any dmg. You can use this method to kill anything in the game that's not immune to knockdowns.

heres a video showing you its potential and a good laugh.

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