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Age of Conan Exploit: Solo Kylikki

This is a rather complicated and long exploit which allows you to kill Kylikki either solo, or in a small group for easy Tier 1 epics. A Tempest of Set is needed for groups (will be explained later), otherwise rogues with the feat Cheat the Reaper can solo her.

As you enter Kylikki's Crypt (located in North-East Field of the Dead) you need to walk through the wall to your left. This is easily achieved if you have more than one person. While you are stealthed next to the wall, have someone stand behind you, and when you unstealth, you should get pushed through the wall - this may take a few attempts to achieve.

If you are soloing (or happen to be the last person in the group), you can get through the wall by yourself by spamming jump at certain locations (corners) in the wall - this takes time to master, but is easy once you manage it a few times.

When you walk through the wall, keep going until you fall "through the world", and die below the instance. Here is where a Tempest of Set is needed - have him apply Spark of Set on himself before he walks through, and then self-res when he hits the bottom, and then ressurect the group.

When everyone is down below, proceed to walk North-East until you see mobs above you (Rangers can track to make locating the mobs easier). Now follow the mobs North until you reach Kylikki herself (at this point the ground should be just above your head).

You will notice there are 6 mobs that patrol around the room - these won't attack you, EXCEPT the 2 Spellguards which will bug below the ground. They won't be able to move, and they can't nuke you, but they will occasionally cast a small AoE which does roughly 1500 damage, and sometimes teleport to the group. They won't be a problem if your group just moves away from them when they teleport, but you may wish to kill them (from range) anyway as they have a ~10% chance to drop Tier 1 Shoulders, Boots and Belt.

You cannot directly nuke Kylikki herself due to line of sight so to kill her:

Classes with AoE spells can AoE her through the ground,
Necromancers and Demonologists can attack her with pets,
and Melee classes can attack her by swinging (combo's also work) at her while jumping (you get the hang of it after a while).

And there you have it! Kylikki drops Tier 1 Chest and Bracers, and her adds (if you wish to take the time to kill them) have a chance to drop Tier 1 Shoulders, Boots and Belt.

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