Thursday, August 28, 2008

Age of Conan Exploit: Dupe items - client side

Ok, this will dupe the item on client side. So I think with some playing around someone will beable to get it to write to the server.

This is what I have seen so far and how to do it.

Open trade with someone you know. Have them drag an item in then you drag an item in too. Once you have put something in have the other person reject the trade and the window will stay there. Now you drag one more item as if you still are trading and you should still see the item or items the other person put in for trade. Now click and drag the items from other person in their side of the trade window and drop into your inventory.

You have the item/items and so does the other person.

Back to the beginning this is the client dupe and I think there is something there if played with by other people the community can figure out how to push this dupe to not only be client side but turn into a useable dupe exploit.

This bit is from a mmOverload. The best Age of Conan Guide site on the net.

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