Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Age of Conan Exploit: Solo Yakhmar

As of now (18th of Aug) it is possible to solo Yakhmar.

Prereq: aocbuddy (or another way to drop thru the floor, with max-zoom-out feature), 1 ToS, and 0 or more aoe dps with 20m ground target. ToS+Necro works good. Full set of +frost invul gems.

Issues and resolutions:

1. he resets to 100% life. However, ToS cyclones keep him aggro.

2. He keeps doing blizzard (700ish dmg), mitigated with frost invul. He keeps doing slam (2500ish dmg) mitigated with frost invul.

With one healer, 50% frost invul and adding necro absorb shield, this becomes no problem.

Time to kill: approx 4hr one ToS solo (dps comes only from cyclones and idol). Approx 2hr for 2xTos. Approx 1hr for 2xToS and 1xNecro.

Settings required: no particles, and no audio. By the end of the fight you will have hundreds of his adds, all increasing screen lag by a lot. Mitigated largely with min settings, no particles and no audio.

To loot must clear adds around the chest. Chars that are lvl 75-79 get about 6k exp per kill on these. Easy to get 70% of the level in 20 minutes by clearing all adds. Box seem to stay there unopened for 30minutes (haven't tried for longer).

Drops T1 pants and gloves.

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