Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Age of Conan Trick: How to get Great XP out of PVP

This is pretty easyway to get pvp xp in AoC.
1. First off, helps to be in a big guild.
2. Get as many ppl as you can to some Epic instance, like Epic Field of the dead.
3. Everyone meet on a rez pad
4. Everyone but 1 person get naked
5. Boot one person from the guild(That isnt naked)
6. Kill everyone on the pad until your only recieve 1 pvp xp( about 5 kills per person)
7. After everyone has been killed 5-6x reinvite player to the guild.

Then well rest is obvious, player gets naked boot someone else from the guild have them use there best gear while there killing, and bee naked and crouching when beeing killed...... Enjoy those pvp lvls..... Im already LvL pvp 4 half way to lvl 5...... Good luck. And dont get cought!

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