Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Funcom to Cut 20% of Workforce

Funcom is reducing its work force by about 20%. The planned launch for Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures in Korea will continue as planned, but the development of The Secret World has been extended by several months as the company adjusts its schedule. The Norwegian-based developer will be cutting jobs mostly in its Norwegian subsidiary. Our best wishes go out to those affected by the change and potential loss of their jobs.

Cost reductions and forced leave in Funcom

Funcom N.V has initiated a program of cost reductions, reductions in head count and use of forced leave (permittering) to better align the Company's operations to the current marketplace.

Around 20 % of the staff of the Company will be affected by headcount reductions or forced leave, mostly in the Company's Norwegian subsidiary.

The Company's development of the Age of Conan expansion pack and its preparations for launch in Korea will continue as planned, as will the preparations for the limited beta of its first free- to-play MMO scheduled to take place during Q4. The development of The Secret World will be some months extended due to the initiatives with even more focus on ensuring the delivery of a game that is fully in line with the high expectations amongst fans and gamers across the world.


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