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Conan the Cimmerian #1 & #2

September 11th, 2008 hexsane Posted in Conan Comics |

I decided to hold off on discussing the first official issue of Conan the Cimmerian until I had more of a story to work with. In these 2 issues the reader is introduced to Connacht, Conan’s grandfather, through the mysterious hermit. The hermit assists Conan by frightening away some Vanaheim raiders seeking revenge for the carnage Conan delivered to their kin in Conan the Cimmerian #0.

In Issue #1 (”Hunter’s Moon”) the hermit begins the tale of how Connacht saved 2 children from a gruesome death at the hands of the marsh folk by being bound and tossed into the depths of the marshes.

In Issue #2 (”Mark of the Wolf”) the hermit continues the story of Connacht with the discovery of the grizzly remains of Connacht’s horse. Forced to travel by foot the trio come upon a farm and Connacht attempts to make the children look hard working and useful in hopes the farmer will take them in. When night comes the farmer’s daughter and one of the children go missing…

The story so far is good. I’m not thrilled about the art used in the tale about Connacht. I’m wondering if it was intentionally drawn this way. Many of the characters seem to be distorted or caricatures and the creatures are, in a word, terrible. I’ll admit to not being an art critique but I would like to hear from someone else. Is it just me or is that art really just that bad?

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