Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leather **Secret spots**

**The Secret Spots for Leather Gathering**

Here are some good very good spots to gather leather know of.-

-Rough Leather/Brindled Leather- Far NW corner of the Wild Lands. Specifically the diseased bears. Most of them seem to have about a 25-50% chance to have a drop.

-Along the River in Khopsef Province. The Crocodiles are known to do good drops.

-Prey drop Rough Leather as well, in any resource zone.

-Grained/Calloused Leather Along the rode to Yak, specifically the snow cat. (Unconfirmed)

Best Spot Known So far.
You can farm Rough, calloused, brindled and grained all at the same time here.-

-In poitan, down the hill from the "temple" looking building and right outside the city walls of whatever guild owns that spot (center/east of mini-map). There are 2 sets of cows that drop the leather quite frequently and the respond rate is so insane that you never have to wait for respawns. If your a melee class use your bow. In 1 hour of farming I usually have the following 35 rough, 35 calloused, 7 brindled, 7 grained. (on average)
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Friday, October 9, 2009

How to solo Torgvall (Connal's valley)

People hate group in CV for some reason, so you have to get creative. Here's an easy way to solo Torgvall without having to wait for 3-5 level 30s to come help you.

1. Buy health potions. I've never needed more than 5, but buy 10 in case you need to do it twice.

2. Clear the mobs around Torg, run off to reset Torgvall.

3. Observe the tents near Torg. You can hop over them and because he is too big, he has to run around. Basically, you can move between one side of the tent and the other while he has to move around them. So, he can be forced to chase you since the path he takes is always 2-3 times as long as the path you take.

4. Fight him, when your health gets about 50% hop over the tents (to the side he isnt on) and take a health pot. Hop back and forth until healed.

5. Keep fighting until you take him down.

Warning: you might have to fight adds more than once, so keep a thought toward respawns. Also, you have to hit torgvall every 45 secs or he will reset. This is easy as you only need 25 to regen with the potions.

I've done it with the necro, hox, ranger, and guard so far all level 30-34. It's easy, just a bit slow.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Infinite LV 50 mob spawns for exp

Up in the Eig Mountains, at the whitehand camp. Theres a boss called Diabolist Aino, she's 54.

She will spawn 4 "Minions," but they are not labeled minions and you receive full exp from them.

Anyways, don't attack the boss, let her live, your group will out heal her damage.

Every time you kill the 4mobs she spawns, they respawn and you get endless waves of exp.

I did this for over 40mins, got a whole level at 55 in less than an hour. With a lvl 55 conq, 44(apprecntice to 54)HoX, 55 Bear Shaman.

Coords are @ 945,764.
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