Saturday, July 18, 2009

Age of Conan Noble District gank areas

There are two major areas that any long range class from rangers, ToS, PoM, Necros, and Demos can easily exploit!

The first and major spot that i find to help raise my KDR is by the second camp -before you enter the main city area - there is a large wall where you get on top of and stop everyone that has to go by in order to get to the main questing area.

In order to do this you climb on the junk by the wooden fence by the camp and face the small wall which when you press sprint and jump at the right moment you can get on top of! and there you are the first spot to help your KDR.

The second spot a little more obvious is past the first set of guards in the noble district, and you go down the bridge and there is a place to climb up on top of there is a great place to stealth and gank who ever come to kill the NPCs there which is really often. there you are two places to help get your KDR up
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Age of Conan cheat - levathius "no limit time for trash mob" taktik

- Tos activate Selfrezz
- Whole Raid run inside and die in front of Levithius
- Now Tos use Selfrez and rezz all People
- Clear left Trash Mob
- Clear right Trash Mob
- Now pull the 2 Guards at Door and Timer starts , Boss will spawn in 2 min
- Happy farming
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Age of Conan Eploit: farm epic bosses with assassin

For this you need an assassin with Death's Gaze specced. You simply need to get 2 soulshards, target the boss and doubleclick death's gaze. This will make any boss affected by it return to it's spawn point and stand there while you kill it. It won't reset and you can even kite if some other epic mob aggroes you while the boss keeps the same hp until you can come back to kill it.

They have shitloads of hp now though, I cba doing it myself for the 30s per kil.
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