Sunday, March 29, 2009

Age of Conan Exploit: dog boss loot without killing boss

The new bosses in the new instance Xibaluku drop cool things and all you that have done the instance knows that killing the Dog boss in the start of the instance doesnt drop any items you need the chest that is lockt up behind him. Well whats fun is that you can jump through the bars.

This is what i do with my Guardian:

1- Climb all the way down till you hit the first mobs in the instance.
2- Buff up with whatever you have and go defence stance.
3- To get to the dog boss you need to go past a big boss. if you keep hugging the left wall you will not agro him. So hug the left wall and run pass him
4- When you get inn to the dog boss room go left again and in to the first cave room to the left, that should deagro the dog.
5- From there you run straight for the barn that have the chest.
6- When standing infront of the barns you can see that on the right side there is a rock. sprint and jump between the 2 barns and on the rock,
7- Your in! loot the chest.
8- Die and do it again.

You will agro alot of boss doing this, so far there is only guardians that can do this. But if you have a guild member thats a guardian there is no problem. Let him agro and you loot.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Age of Conan Exploit: Underwater Stealth

Have your weapon sheathed when doing this. Go close to an NPC that will open a dialogue cutscene for you and /sit.

Just as you start to sit talk to the npc to start the dialogue. After your character sits during the NPC dialogue, he will then stand up. After that, close the dialogue.

If you have done it right, when you try to move you will be pulled back. If you did it right, then stealth and you will be able to move. You can now walk on water.

If you swim down in the water you will be walking underneath it. To remove the effect, just go back onto land and fight something. Do not try to cancel the effect while still in the water, otherwise you will have to relog to fix it.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Age of Conan: Free reinforcement potions

It can be hard to maintain your potion supplies or buying new armor and weapons at low levels.

There are a few lower level quests that will offer a Reinforcement Potion as a quest reward. There is one for level 8 and one also at level 11. If you are an orc, the Alchemist in Golundo offers the quest for level 8 and the merchant at Nortop Village offers the one for level 11. If you do these quests, you will have two reinforcement potions. Reinforcement potions sell for a very high amount of gold on the auction house. Unfortunately, the potions from quests are possesed, meaning they cant be traded.

But heres the trick: 1-make sure your two potions are stacked together 2-shift click the stack and drag to an open slot in your inventory 3-enter amount to split as 1 and hit enter.

Splitting the stack makes one of your potions no longer possesed.

You can now sell the potion for a good amount of gold. Leveling to 11 does not take very long so this is a good way to make quick cash.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Kill Serurah Duo

I have done this with necro and TOS. Have the TOS in a pillar next to the door you came in. They will need to be as close to the ceiling as they can. Cast cyclones. Now, float the necro above the cyclones and start the encounter. Get out the necro pet. After the minions have spawned, they should stay in front of the mirror. She will run out and stick in the cyclones. Send in the necro pet and float the necro up to the ceiling and place him between the doorway and mob. Stop the cyclones after the pets get on her and run storm crown. Move TOS to necro. If you are in the right spot, only her knockback and root can hit you. You can get knocked back until you get pushed against the wall. The minions shouldnt move unless you get too close to them and Serurah shouldnt move at all. Kill her.

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Dog Boss Chest Exploit

The dog boss in Xibaluku has a chest behind him that you can get without killing him as a Guardian. Just climb down to the first mob in the instance. Buff and go defensive. You will need to get around the first boss to get to the dog boss. Just hug the left wall and you shouldnt aggro him. When you make it to the dog boss room, go left and into the first cave on the left. You should lose aggro from dog boss. Now just go straight to the bars with the chest. While in front of the bars, you will see a rock to the right side. Use sprint and jump off the rock between the two far right bars. You should be in. Loot the chest. Die. Repeat.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

EPIC Age of Conan Siege Videos

Sieges in Age of Conan, although still with some small issues, hold in my opinon some of the most fun to be had out there.

There are two recent videos here that show just how much better they are say to back last summer time.

They are much smoother now and many fixes have quitely been applied over the past few months leading up a forthcoming stronger focus from Funcom. After the server merges everyone had to "reclaim" land causing plenty of guild friction servers wide. It is great and should of been like this at launch. Can't wait to see whats coming soon, but appreciative of how things have turned around.

Anyway, hope you enjoy:

Personally I like number 1 for the burning buildings and number 2 overall.

With recent admission to greatly putting a focus on Guilds times are exciting!

Here are some specific patch notes since September detailing some of the fixes for persual if interested:

Massive PVP
  • Ballistas will now properly despawn after a tower is destroyed.
  • Several collision fixes done for Battlekeep buildings.
  • The gate will now display a message when the damaged state is preventing you from opening it.
  • City gates are now functional until the gate is heavily damaged.
  • The city gate will no longer receive an extra lever after repairing it.
  • It's no longer impossible to repair a destroyed city gate.
  • Player City Guards will now detect hidden enemy players.
  • You should no longer get teleported out of the playfield when you leave your group in the Border Kingdoms.
  • Battle Keep guards should no longer get confused about who to attack during a siege.
  • Guards will now hit for a more normal amount.
  • Guards will now take longer breaks during patrols.
  • The new Channel "Siege Scores" will display point gain in siege combat.
  • Siege weapons are now immune from fatalities.
  • Attacking siege buildings with melee/ranged or unarmed will show correct damage on the client.
  • Changed the Ballista to use the correct spell.
  • Changed the Ballista Hit spell to not hit players.
  • Players are now dismounted when they are knocked out of city buildings.
  • Fixed a hole in floor in the tier 2 tradepost.
  • It's now possible to use the gate lever while mounted.
  • Players can now only control one siege weapon at a time.
  • Fixed the tooltip layout that alerts you to the upgrade timer. Added 'Upgrade available in:' to the timer, to clarify things. Changed timer format so it's not 'jumping' anymore when counting down.
  • You will no longer spend your building materials when building construction fails.
  • The owners of a battlekeep should now learn the resurrection point of their keep after repairing the keep.
  • Non-guilded player's pets will no longer attack their owners in Siege PvP.
  • When a siege battle starts, the defending guild will now properly discover their battlekeep resurrection point.
  • Added the "Local Time" Timer to the window.
  • You can now close the city gates by using the city gate lever again. This allows you to close the gate faster to prevent someone else from entering the city.
  • Attacking siege buildings with melee/ranged or unarmed will show correct damage.
  • Sorting the score window should now sort correctly.
  • Building points gained by mercenaries will be rewarded to the attacking guild as intended.
  • Defending guild mercenaries can no longer gain points by killing attacking players.
  • Siege weapons are now immune to fatalities.
  • All Battle Keeps now have a minimum of 2 siege camps around the outer walls.
  • Trebuchets should now properly display their nameplate and targeting arrow (if enabled).
  • Battlekeeps will no longer have NPC guards.
  • Buildings can not be repaired during a siege PvP battle anymore.
  • The vulnerability window will be moved a few hours into the future now in case the playfield gets unavailable during an already running siege battle.
  • The order of the Player City buildings has been adjusted. This should make it easier for players to get the trade skill buildings while the overall difficulty of getting a full tier 3 city should remain the same. We have also introduced an element of player choice, where players can choose which of the tradeskill buildings to build first.
  • The system to sign up to siege a battlekeep has been enhanced. The guilds that want to participate in a siege will now declare war on each other to win the right to lay siege. During this war, the attacking guilds gain points for killing members of other guilds that have signed up, and lose points if they are killed by the defending guild. As in the old system, the guild that earns the right to attack will have their points reset, but the points of non-qualifying guilds will roll over to the next war.
  • After a siege has finished, the server will no longer schedule a battle during a time that already has a battle scheduled.
  • Siege participants will no longer incorrectly get teleported out.
  • The Massive PvP time window can now be opened without being in a guild and can be opened from any playfield.
  • The ballista won’t play an explosion particle on each player near the impact anymore. The impact visual effect has been changed to be more appropriate for a ballista impact. This should also improve performance during sieges.
  • Two Wayfarers of Asura have decided to observe the conflict in the Cimmerian end of the Border Kingdoms.
  • If a guild loses a siege they will no longer be able to immediately rebuild the keep.
  • The winner of a siege battle should now be reported correctly.
  • The PvP area marker will now appear on the map correctly. The minimap will show the name of the guild that owns a Battlekeep, and when the next window of vulnerability is.
  • If a player leaves a group during a siege they now have 60 seconds to find a new group. This should make it easier for players to organize players between the two different raids.
  • You can no longer interact with NPCs of a battlekeep after you lose it to another guild.
  • Border Kingdoms, Cimmerian End now has some additional resurrection points.
  • It is no longer possible to heal siege weapons.
  • The siege timer should now display correctly.
  • Players who enter a siege after the battle has begun should now see the score update.
  • The locations of the attacker resurrection points have been slightly adjusted. Keep in mind that they are still not right next to the actual siege camps.
  • The siege weapons graphics have been improved.
  • You will no longer lose the resurrection point of your keep when attacking another battlekeep in the same playfield.
  • Tweaked an area near the stairs in battlekeep Burnheim to allow players to walk over it instead of jump.
  • If a battlekeep becomes vulnerable but no attackers signed up to attack it, it should no longer be vulnerable for the siege duration. Instead, the vulnerability window will automatically be re-scheduled as if the defense had completed successfully.
  • The siege score window should correctly reappear after each teleport/death, but will not remain onscreen if you leave the playfield.
  • Lacheish Plains: City owners should now properly receive their city resurrection points.
  • Sturmgarde battlekeep now has improved wall defenses.
  • The tooltip on the vulnerability window should now only show owner guild and time the next battle will be.

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Roleplayin' Episode 1: Unlikely Encounters


by OuterRimProductions

Outer Rim Productions presents Roleplayin' Episode 1: Unlikely Encounters. Vaca runs into a familiar face while out hunting, while Scorpe and Arundo cross paths with a confused noobie.

Make sure to subscribe to Machinima and Outer Rim Productions at: and

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Age of Conan Exploit: Instant Respawn

Take the quest Path of the Raven from Rogan in Settlement of Denog, Eiglophian Mountains. This is a level 48 quest. This will have you take feathers from a nest. At the nest a level 50 mob named Corvidae will spawn. Kill the mob and do not use the feathers. Now back up a bit and walk back to the next. The mob will spawn again. Repeat.
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