Thursday, December 10, 2009

Age of Conan PvP Guide

- First and foremost: Make friends. Group often and if you're good, and not rude, people will be more likely to want to group with you again. If you already have friends you play with, group with them as much as possible when not doing the solo story lines.

- Stay alert. If you do decide to travel alone in Free-forall PvP zones, be aware of your surroundings. If you see players, check their levels and numbers. If you're not
already engaged with a mob then hiding can be your friend, no matter what class you are.

- Pick your fights. Size up each class, know their strengths and weaknesses, and learn what works best for each encounter.

- Use your potions. Potions in Age of Conan don't work like in most other games, they're not instant. So, if you think it's going to be a tough fight, pop your potion early. If you take it right before you start taking damage, it will be ticking throughout the fight, and could mean the difference between living and getting your head cut off.

- Chose your skills wisely. Not all PVE skills will help keep you alive! Chose the skills that will add to your survivability. The most important being CC or (Crowd Control) abilities i.e. stuns and fears. Also don’t forget about skills that can help you defend against crowd control.

- Live to fight another day! If you get caught off guard or out numbered, there is no shame in making an early escape to come back better prepared. Endurance is a good skill to train for this as it allows you to sprint for a longer period of time while holding the shift key. Watch out for your endurance though, as letting it drop to nothing will make you exhausted.

- Watch out for ambushes. Certain areas are more well traveled than others, and as the game progresses we will more than likely see high level "gankers". No area will be completely safe, but some areas of PvP zones will surely be safer than others. Watch out for “gankers” at spawn pointss. If all else fails and you're frustrated with being killed over and over, there are other options for leveling. Solo play and non-PvP zones come to mind.

- Have fun. You will be killed, don't take it out on other players. Trash talking has its own place in PvP servers and it will happen, it's expected to happen. Just watch out for who you trash talk, as they may have more friends than you! Being a KOS target can be fun, but it generally is not. Remember, this is a just a game and is not worth getting stressed over.

- Spawn Camping. Yes it is lame, yes it sucks to die before you even load in. Yes it sucks that it can happen over and over. Unless and until something is done about it, spawn camping is going to happen. Either do your best to run away and hide or just log out for awhile.

- Switch instances. I don't mean go to another zone. In the upper left corner of your mini map is a down arrow. Click on that and select instance. If you're getting ganked repeatedly, or you can't find a way to do a quest without running into other players, and are thus forced to PvP, try another instance, there may not be people doing that quest in a different instance.
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