Monday, December 12, 2016


Following the events of the Sepulcher of the Wyrm, Slithering Chaos tasks our adventurers with thwarting an unholy evil they themselves unleashed upon the world: The Avatar of Yig.

Returning to the abandoned underground city, Slithering Chaos is a brand-new 6-player experience, featuring three encounters against the colossal Avatar. With each clash, expect escalating complexity, perils, and of course, treasures.

Discover new Chaos gems, which may be used to augment rings from the Raid Finder, or from new rings found from the Avatar itself! These gems may be used to complete set bonuses previously thought unattainable!

Are you prepared to face the Chaos? What secrets will you uncover of Yig and the Serpent Men? Follow Alanza and Yaqub-Har’s guidance and your queries shall be answered...
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

NEW Premium Membership + TRUE Freedom to Play!

NEW Premium Membership + TRUE Freedom to Play!

We’ve just upgraded Premium Membership for everybody! What does it mean to be a Member now? It means you get new, constant perks that remain active for as long as you’re a member--plus access to the new Loyalty Rewards program! Here’s what you get for being a Member now:

Bonus Token Gain: +100% on Marks of Acclaim and Esteem Tokens. +50% on Campaign Badges, Conquest Trophies, Simple Trophies I - III, Simple Relics I - VI, Atlantean Shards

Bonus XP: +30% Bonus XP and AA XP for both PvP and PvE!

AA with Time: Begin training AA perks at Level 20!

Bonus Faction: +30% Bonus to Faction gains!

Teleport Coins: 15 Teleport Coins, per character, every 30 days!

Unchained Cache Bonus: Doubled rewards from Unchained Caches!

Bonus Expertise: Every time you gain a level, you gain a bonus Expertise Point!

Character Slots: 7 Additional Character slots!

Bonus Quest Capacity: Extra space in your quest journal

Unlimited Gold Capacity!

Unlock Loyalty Rewards!

What are Loyalty Rewards? Membership Loyalty Rewards include awesome new items, such as pets, mounts, social items, & more. These rewards are granted based on how long you have been a Member. The longer you’re a member, the more spectacular the rewards! New Loyalty Rewards will be added every 180 days.

For a full list of Loyalty Rewards, CLICK HERE!


Experience true freedom to play Age of Conan! We’ve listened to your feedback and made a huge change to the way the game works: Membership is no longer required to enter any area! That’s right--you may now access any area you own, regardless of your membership status. You no longer need to keep buying access passes or membership in order to enter Raids, Unchained Dungeons, or playfields from expansions you already bought. Please remember that you still need to own the appropriate pack (such as Rise of the Godslayer) in order to access these areas. Dragon’s Spine has become its own pack that is sold separately, but if you’ve ever spent money through us on Age of Conan before this update, we’ve given you the pack for free!


Along with the Membership Update, we’re introducing the Raid Finder! This feature allows you and other like-minded players to queue up and enter a raid dungeon together! The Raid Finder rotates a different dungeon each week, and lets players explore encounters that they otherwise may not have been able to see in the past. New rewards await those who this feature! Look for the magnifying glass icon on the top-left of your screen, next to the Playfield Access button. Remember, the Raid Leader can arrange the raid group by holding ALT and clicking + dragging a character’s nameplate around.


Plus, look out for Challenges and Daily Login rewards, available to everybody, free-of-charge! Daily Challenges offer new goals and incentives to play various aspects of the game. As you complete more challenges, you will progress towards daily and weekly rewards that contain high-value items! Daily Rewards may be claimed once every 24 hours, per account. Rewards never expire and don’t have to be claimed on consecutive days! Rewards become more powerful as you progress! Both of these features may be found on the top-right of your screen, between the topbar and your minimap.

That about covers what’s new in this update! We’ll see you in-game!
-The Age of Conan team
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Will you Survive the Pit Master’s Arena?

Will you Survive the Pit Master’s Arena?

Rejoice, warriors and rogues of Hyboria, and revel in the bloodshed of your enemies! The arena is here, and with it comes new challenges for you to conquer! In addition, the new Hoard of the Gladiator filled with exotic creatures and mounts is available in the Item Shop!


The Pit Master’s Arena is now live and available to all players, free of charge! The arena is found within the Field of the Dead. Combat exotic creatures from around Hyboria using pets you’ve collected in past adventures. Each pet unlocks a unique encounter, and pets of increased rarity yield even more perilous challenges! Alternatively, enter the arena as a Pit Fighter and prove your PvP supremacy over your fellow combatants!

The arena features a slew of new rewards, including new pets, powerful necklaces, and unique faction-specific mounts! Discover four all-new Rune Stones through the arena, providing effects such as additional Constitution, protection bonuses when critically struck, or a surge of power when low on health. Slake the soil with the blood of the unworthy!


The brand-new Hoard of the Gladiator contains a plethora of never before seen pets and mounts. The mightiest of these pets fight by your side in battle, while the legendary mounts, the Bloodstained Ursine Patriarch and Melanistic Vaaghasan, carry you into the fray and sow fear into the hearts of your enemies!

This new Hoard is phasing out the Hoard of the Afterlife. This is your last week to purchase the Hoard of the Afterlife before it’s removed from the store! Don’t miss out!

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CONAN EXILES book revealed for the Conan tabletop RPG!

CONAN EXILES book revealed for the Conan tabletop RPG!

We have very exciting news for Conan fans! Robert E. Howard's Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of tabletop roleplaying game by Modiphius Entertainment will get a sourcebook based on our upcoming CONAN EXILES open-world survival game!

The Kickstarter for the roleplaying game is in its final week, with more than 2900 backers pledging over £275K, making it veteran RPG makers Modiphius' biggest Kickstarter campaign to date!

The CONAN EXILES tie-in sourcebook will adapt areas and gameplay from CONAN EXILES to Modiphius’ 2d20 roleplaying game. Developed in partnership with Funcom's CONAN EXILES team and Free League Publishing (the designers of the Ennie award-winning Mutant: Year Zero), this sourcebook adapts the critically-acclaimed community development system from Mutant: Year Zero to the rigors of the Hyborian Age.

Click here to see the announcement of the book.

In CONAN EXILES and the sourcebook, the heroes face a brutal and extreme challenge: survival in an isolated land, attempting to build a community that might persevere against the depredations of neighboring kingdoms.

Thrust into the Exiled Lands — a desolate region shrouded in mystery — the heroes must ready themselves and their fledgling community against repeated invasions. To survive, they need to manage a small population, forge alliances, build defenses, gather resources, craft weapons, train their forces, weather deadly sandstorms, battle dangerous beasts and adventure forth into the untamed wilderness of the Exiled Lands surrounding them. Will those they meet turn into allies, or enemies?

The CONAN EXILES book will offer the harshest survival challenge facing Modiphius' Conan players, a struggle worthy of the great barbarian himself and this full-color 112 page hardcover will be beautifully illustrated with concept art and screenshots from the CONAN EXILES video game.

Please remember that anyone who joins the Kickstarter and pledges £15 and above will get the Age of Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed of Pack. This contains 5 XP Potions (double XP gain for 12 hours) and four powerful starter armor sets (Swashbuckler, Buccaneer, Marauder and Pirate) which can be claimed in Age of Conan.

Funcom is proud to be working with Modiphius Entertainment, and is extremely excited to see Conan fans from all around the world come together and support this awesome Conan tabletop RPG.

The Kickstarter is almost over, so now is your chance to join and get your hands the great CONAN EXILES sourcebook and the Age of Conan book we revealed earlier!
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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's been over a month since my return, and I am having a good time!

I came back to AoC, rolled up a Necromancer, and started questing through Tortage. Believe it or not, my memories of Tortage is what drove me to come back in the first place. Now, I am level 54, and can win against 3 guys my level in pvp. Necromancers might be a touch overpowered...

I'll be honest, the game isn't much different from what I remember it being, aside from some new content I have yet to experience. There are still a lot of bugs, and the community has it's fair share of douche bags, but I can overlook these flaws. Others may not be able to handle it, which is sad. It's the players verbally bashing other players in global chat that gets a lot of people to leave the game, thus making the community even smaller than it is...

But if you can handle these minor issues, AoC is a ton of fun. I want to see more people enjoying the game, so tell your friends and come join us! I am on the Cimmeria server.
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