Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's been over a month since my return, and I am having a good time!

I came back to AoC, rolled up a Necromancer, and started questing through Tortage. Believe it or not, my memories of Tortage is what drove me to come back in the first place. Now, I am level 54, and can win against 3 guys my level in pvp. Necromancers might be a touch overpowered...

I'll be honest, the game isn't much different from what I remember it being, aside from some new content I have yet to experience. There are still a lot of bugs, and the community has it's fair share of douche bags, but I can overlook these flaws. Others may not be able to handle it, which is sad. It's the players verbally bashing other players in global chat that gets a lot of people to leave the game, thus making the community even smaller than it is...

But if you can handle these minor issues, AoC is a ton of fun. I want to see more people enjoying the game, so tell your friends and come join us! I am on the Cimmeria server.
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