Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Newbie Q & A

- How do I add friends to my friends list?

If you would like to add someone to your friends list that you are not grouped or guilded with, type into your chat box /cc addbuddy charactername. Whether they are online or not, this command will add them to your friends list. If you are grouped with someone you'd like to add, right click on their name and "add friend".

- I've got too much stuff, where can I buy another bag in Tortage?

The merchant inside The Thirsty Dog during the nighttime instance has bags that you may buy, but they are pretty spendy for a low level character. Keep in mind that bags don't really stack. By this we mean if you have a 10 slot pack and you purchase a 20 slot pack, you get 20 slots NOT 30. The upgraded pack replaces the old pack.

- I couldn't accept a quest reward because my inventory is full, is it gone forever?

No! You'll see the same quest reward pop up either with another quest update or with zoning. If you've gotten the message that your inventory is full, either sell or make room so that the next time it comes up, you can accept your reward.

- I want to make a change to my feats. How do I do this?

Each city has a Trainer that will reset your feats for a fee.

- Can I change my feats and attributes as often as I want to?

You can reset them several times, but the cost of doing so goes up each time. The first feat reset is fairly cheap so don't be too discouraged if you made less than careful choices the first time around as it is easily fixed.

Resetting your skills work differently and you may reset them on your own. Resetting less than 130 skill points is free and the more you wish to reset, the more it will cost you. Open your Skills & Attributes menu and hold your ALT key down while clicking on the skill that you'd like to reset. A window will pop up asking for confirmation that you'd like to reset this skill.

- I'm not sure what all my skills do, how do I know which ones to spend points in?

There will be certain skills that you will definitely want to spend points in, such as Hiding for scouts. For other skills, hover over them on your skills lists to see exactly what each one does before deciding where to spend points.

- Is it safe to sell "generic" loot? Where can I do so in Tortage day? Tortage night?

If you can't use it, then you can sell it for coin! During Tortage nighttime, the only merchants are inside The Thirsty Dog and on the Tortage Harbor docks. During the day, you will find several merchants in the town square area just outside The Thirsty Dog.

- Will skipping my destiny quest help me get out of Tortage faster?

No, it doesn't really. You still need to make the minimum level to leave and you make a good bulk of your experience doing the destiny quests, not to mention if you do skip it, you miss out on some very nice usable loot. I found that doing the destiny quests gets me out of Tortage faster.

- Does Tortage have a bank?

Yes. The Trader is the NPC that works as your bank. He will be found outside the Thirsty Dog in the town square.

- Where can I send and receive mail from?

Along with being the trade system and the bank, the Trader also handles all your mailing needs!

- Can I solo Acheronian Ruins / the Underhalls / the Mausoleum / etc?

Yes you can! These three zones give you the option for "normal" or "epic" when you zone in. Choose "normal" if you plan on playing on your own. There may be a few places that are a bit tougher for you, but if you're careful with enemy aggro, then you can go just about anywhere.

- My friends and I are in the same zone, but we can't see each other! Why is this?

Instancing! Each zone will have multiple instances so if you are in one, and your friends are in another, you won't see each other. To change instances, you can either right click on your group members name and move instances, or you can click the down arrow next to your map to select an instance.

- What's the point of instancing?

Instances, while sometimes an inconvenience, do a great service for players. When a zone has a large amount of players within it, EVERYTHING slows down. I'm sure many who have played older games that haven't utilized instancing remember exactly what that was like. With instances, we can enjoy much quicker loading and smoother runs through busy zones!

- I have two pieces of armor with equal stats, but one is cloth armor and one is light armor. Does it make any difference which I should equip?

None that I can see. The difference between cloth armor and light armor seems to be that light armor tends to give a higher standard of stats at a lower level. Meaning, you can see level 10 light armor with similar stats to a level 20 cloth armor piece. It's not a rule though and much of the stat system is still being examined. At this time, if it has better stats and you can equip it, then use it!

- Is there any way to get back to Tortage quickly from inside an instance?

Yes! When you land in Tortage, or a new home town, you will be bound to your city. In your skills, you will find something called the Path of Asura. This will send you back to your bind point much like a soulstone or a call.

- At what level can I start riding mounts?

Mounts are available at level 40 when you are able to train for the skill.

- What level can players start gathering? Crafting?

You can learn to gather at level 20 by speaking with the appropriate NPC to train in this skills. Crafting starts at level 40.

- How do I claim a pre-order item?

Type /claim into your chatbox. You need to have registered your copy of the game at for this to work. Be sure to follow the directions there exactly. It may take up to 30 minutes for your /claim to work after your game has been registered properly. Any items you claim will pop into your inventory, unless your bags are full in which case you will get a dialog message that your claimed items could not be given to you. Clean up your bags and try again!

- How can I optimize graphics if things seem sluggish?

The best way to speed up slow rendering is to turn off the graphics that tend to tax your connection and computer the most. These will be things like your shadows and water reflections. To turn these down or off, hit ESC and go to your video options menu. Select the "advanced" tab and here you can set shadows and water reflection to "disabled".

Some have also have had better luck running the game in windowed mode rather than fullscreen or vise versa. It's worth taking some time to play with your settings to see what works better for you!

- I've checked DirectX 10, am I seeing DirectX 10 graphics?

Currently DirectX 10 is not supported by Age of Conan. There is some rumor that using the DX10 option makes the graphics render a bit more smoothly, but then using the option has also caused problems for others. The only thing we know for sure is that DirectX 10 support is coming later this year, something I think we can all look forward to!

Commonly Used Slash Commands
To view the full list of slash commands in game, type into your chat box / then hit the Tab key on your keyboard. These are some of the most commonly used commands in game to get you started! Once you've learned the ones you use often, typing them will be second nature.

/afk - This gives you the option to set an AFK message.
/anon - Toggles to make you anonymous to listings.
/camp - This camps you to exit game. Wait out the timer to return to log in and character select or hit "exit now" to leave the game immediately.
/claim - To claim any in game items that are available with your account.
/emote - Used with any of the valid emotes such as cry, laugh, or rude.
/group - Precede message with this command to speak with your group.
/guild - Precede message with this command to speak with your guild.
/heroicmode - This will take your group to the group instance of your zone if one is available.
/hide - Toggles on your hiding ability.
/ignore - /ignore charactername will put a player on your ignore list.
/invite - Invites another player to group with you.
/kick - Removes a player from the group.
/leave - Removes yourself from the group.
/macro - Allows for you to setup a macro command.
/reply - Replies to the last person who sent you a tell. You may also hit the "r" key to do the same.
/say - Allows for you to speak to those just nearby you.
/sit - Commands your character to sit.
/stand - Commands your character to stand.
/stuck - Use this command before petitioning for help if you are wedge in somewhere you cannot get out of.
/tell - Preceded by a character name and message to send a private message to another player.

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AoCheat: An all-purpose hacking tool for Age of Conan


  • Warp anywhere in current zone, instantly
  • Save an unlimited amount of warp locations in a logical manner (organize by zone, quest, etc.)
  • Advanced speedhack with speed locking.
  • No fall damage hack - never take damage from falling
  • Lock Z / Float hack - float far above other players, enemies, and even the tallest trees.
  • Warp-movement - uses the warp hack in smaller, more frequent increments to assist during manual exploration.
  • Hotkeys - bind any feature to a simple shortcut for ease-of-use.
  • Jump hack - edit how high you can jump to reach the rooftops or just to give you a bit of an edge in combat
  • A clean, logical, and customizable User Interface.
  • Dynamically-located memory locations - updates to AoC will not usually break AoCheat

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Harvesting - How its done

I found this great trick at I can realy recoment this page as it got tons of tricks and tips, exploits, level guides and the first addons/UI customizations for age of conan I have seen on the net.

When you hit lvl 20 you can start picking up harvesting quests in the 3 places where you can buy guildcities - lotus swamp, poltain and that mountain place i havent been to yet.

you pick up quests which require you to get 20 of each resource before you can harvest rares so i made 2 maps over spots in poltain and in lotus swamp where you can see where the nodes are for ez hunting.

the maps arent perfect but in the general area around the spots.


lotus swamp:

nodes got 100% health and harvesting once will take them down 10% and they slowly regen, so they wont jump spots.
you can get interrupted by mobs that pop on you when done with the node so beware.
good hunting

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Access 30+ Key Binding Buttons with MIRAGE UI

I found this at I can realy recoment this page as it got tons of tricks and tips, exploits, level guides and the first addons/UI customizations for age of conan I have seen on the net.

Version 1.1, May 21st, 2008
Created and maintained by Eduardo "LedMirage" Lucero

Thank you for downloading the Mirage UI for Age of Conan, this modification to the game adds two fixed shortcut bars with 17 key bindable buttons each above the main shortcut bar
without removing any functionality whatsoever to the existing default user interface.

The two extra bars are mirror images and extensions of the two additional hotbars the game supports (the two vertical invisible bars by default), you can bind every single new button by going to OPTIONS > CONTROLS and binding the following shortcuts:

Mirage UI Shortcut Bar #1 (17 Buttons)
The first 7 buttons correspond to "1st Extended Action Button" numbers 11 through 17
The last 10 buttons correspond to "1st Extended Action Button" numbers 1 through 10 and they line up perfectly with the default shortcut bar

Mirage UI Shortcut Bar #2 (17 Buttons)
The first 7 buttons correspond to "2nd Extended Action Button" numbers 11 through 17
The last 10 buttons correspond to "2nd Extended Action Button" numbers 1 through 10 and they line up perfectly with the default shortcut bar

The Combat Rose and interactive icons have been repositioned vertically as to not overlap the new shortcut bars.

The Mini Pet Control Bar and the Sould Fragment traker have been both repositioned to the center of the screen and right above the Mirage UI shortcut bar #2 (just below the combat rose).


Version 1.1, 5/21/2008
1. By popular demand I creatded a new alternate smaller scale version of the mod, this is a 3/4 scale version (75%) smaller set of shortcut bars that keep the full functionality of the game! See the extra installation notes to set it up.
2. New Player and Target Health, Stamina and Mana bars graphics, this is a minor cosmetic tweak
3. Changed the Player and Target names to use the in-game Hyborian font. Nods go to Werik for he was the first to make the use of the in-game font in his mod.
4. Fixed the default position of the Player and target timer bars. BTW they can be moved if you enable them under INTERFACE OPTIONS > ADVACED > SHOW TIMER BARS.

(Last revised 5/20/2008)
1. You agree to this agreement by downloading and using any and all files and intellectual property contained in this compilation.
2. You agree to NOT discredit any Author of their original work found in this compilation, be it code, graphics or intellectual property.
3. You agree to NOT hold any author responsible for any damage, data loss or any problems caused directly or indirectly by this compilation.
4. You agree to NOT use any material found in this compilation for monetary gain, as it is against Funcom's EULA agreement and it is NOT your right to make money off of other Author's work.
5. You may redistribute any and all files contained in this compilation ONLY if they remain unmodified, this user agreement is included and remains unmodified and proper credit to any and all Authors is given.
6. You may modify and redistribute any and all files contained in this compilation ONLY with the expressed written consent of any and all respective Authors.
7. If you do not agree then delete any and all files included in this compilation as well as previous and future versions of it, by doing this you implicitly agree to NOT use any and all material found in this compilation for any purpose.
8. Original Authors of Modifications included in the compilation have the final say in how any and all of their work is to be used, redistributed and modified, and in so doing taking precedence over any and all of the previously defined agreements.


Mirage UI Installation:

1. Exit the game.

2. Delete the contents found inside of your ..\Age of Conan\cd_image\Gui\Customized\ folder. This is done in order to prevent potential conflicts with other user modified content and compiled xml files (*.bxml)

SPECIAL NOTE: Do NOT delete your ..\cd_image\Gui\ or ..\Default\ folders ONLY ..\Customized\ if you do delete the other folders you will have to deal with a 911MB download!

3. Extract all the files from the Mirage UI Zip file to your root folder for the game, for example "C:\Program Files\Funcom\Age of Conan\" make sure to use the folder names options with winzip to create the necessary folder paths when you extract the files. Again, extract all the files in the zip file to your main Age of Conan game folder. (To install the smaller scale version of the mod skip to step #6)

4. Launch the game

5. Enjoy!
Mirage UI smaller scale Mod Installation:
6. Find the folder ..\Age of Conan\cd_image\Gui\Customized\Views\HUD\ inside you will find a file named "BottomBar.xml", delete this file. (NOTE: By default windows hide file extensions for known types, the .xml part may be hidden from you in which case you will only see a file named "BottomBar", this is the one to delete)

7. In the same folder you will find a file named "BottomBar.SMALL.xml", rename this file to "BottomBar.xml". (NOTE: By default windows hide file extensions for known types, the .xml part may be hidden from you in which case you will only see a file named "BottomBar.SMALL", this is the one to rename to "BottomBar")

8. Delete the file "BottomBar.bxml", that is extension BXML (four letters), if it's not there don't worry.

9. Launch the game.

10. Enjoy!

Known Issues and workarounds
If you have any problems not listed below it is highly recommended that do a clean installation of the Mirage UI as indicated in the Installation section, if this does not resolve your issue please let us know in the forums at
If you don't see health, stamina and mana bars but instead a non-colored background only and are missing the all of the images for the shortcut backgrounds then most likely you didn't extract all the graphics from the zip file to the correct location, open up the zip file and look at their paths, that's where they should be in your game folder - they go in the ..\cd_image\Gui\Default\gfx\bottombars\ and ..\cd_image\Gui\Default\gfx\PortraitGUI\portraitsb ottom\ do not worry they do not overwrite any base game files (hence they're named mui_*.tga)
When using the smaller scale UI version enabling Target of Target will offset the right half of the bars, there is no current workaround this issue at the moment, simply do not use the Target of Target feature if you want to use the smaller scale version.
There are duplicates of both of your default floating shortcut bars, this is normal as the Mirage UI uses the buttons in those two bars to create the new custom UI's, you can disable the two additional shortcutbars under OPTIONS > INTERFACE OPTIONS > HUD

You can download the Mirage UI for Age of Conan version 1.1 by clicking here

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AOC Exploits - Get rid of death penalties

I found this great trick at I can realy recoment this page as it got tons of tricks and tips, exploits, level guides and the first addons/UI customizations for age of conan I have seen on the net.

Confirmed that this works.

When you die, you get a death penalty, you can get rid of this by turning in a quest. It is useful because traveling takes time, so for example i'm in a dungeon and need to turn in a quest, i will simply die, get resed at the closest quest npc and turn in the quest. As soon as i turn it in, no death penalty

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AoC Exploit: Harvest Tier 1 Nodes Without Competition

I came across this quite bit accident but I will share it here.

Once you get to around lvl 40 or so, Ciella gives you a quest "Seeing Red". If you go to the location for the quest you find yourself in an instance called Imirian Ravine. Most of the mobs require a group but the ones at the very front are solo. Kill them and you have access to an ash tree, silver vein, copper vein, and sandstone node that regen very fast. I completed my lvl 20 gather quests in 10 minutes.

The best part is no mobs will jump you and rares drop from the nodes too.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

AoC Guide: Conquerer Leveling and Feat Guides

This was written from Early access session experience.

Starting out:

You can choose to be Cimmerian or Aquilonian. There are no starting racial differences or starting trait advantages between the two, so pick the one you think you can make look the best and enter into the world of AoC.

Levels 1-5:

These are fairly straight forward. After the intro cut-scene turn 180 degrees and swim out into the water and down for a chest. Just some quick loot to sell later on. Talk to the girl in chains to get your quest to enter the city. Walk around the island and kill pirates, smugglers, apes, and pics. By the time you get to Tortage you should be 5 or close to it.

Levels 5-10:

This is where things can diverge if you so choose. You'll get a quest from the guard outside of the city gate to talk to Tina at the inn which is right inside the city gate to your right. Talk to Tina and you can choose to start your destiny quest. I'm not going to give any spoilers here other then to say this is a solo quest you do and can take you to lvl 10 easily, 15 if you decide to kill everything you can.If you choose not to start your destiny quest at this time, just go around and get as many quests around town as possible and go to town (pardon the pun). Don't get overwhelmed by how many quests you get (BTW your quest log holds up to 32 quests if I counted right). Your map and mini map will point you to where the quests are, its very user friendly and is very hard to get lost. The quest log not quite so user friendly.You can choose to do your destiny quest at any time, just beware that the mobs level up as you do for your quest. So don't think you can level to 15 then blow through it.

Levels 15-20:

At level 15 you can restart up your destiny quest. Once again no spoilers as it is very linear and self explanatory. By this time you should be ready to port to your home city. Being Cimmerian I port to Connarch Village, Aquilonians I believe port to Old Tarantia (don't quote me as I'm too rough and gruff to roll a sissy la-la man).You'll get to talk to a Drifter for your destiny quest who tells you to come back at lvl 30. Once again, no spoilers, you'll just have to experience these for yourself.In the meantime, rinse and repeat the going around town and gathering as many quests as possible. You should be familiar with how the quest system works so check your map often and try and be as efficient as possible. There are a few quests around town that just have you basically be a barbaric Fed-Ex guy. So knock those out (avoid the drunken hobo!) After you're done with the stuff in town you'll be introduced to the real wilds of the game. Knock out the quests and work your way down to the Cimmerian Settlement where you'll get a bunch more quests. By the time you're done with these you should be close to 30, if not 30.

Levels 30-35:

You get Heavy Armor now so soloing gets easier if that is your style. Start doing the Gravesinger quests (starts with Korm Wolfeye at his camp)for some very nice blue heavy armor.By this time you should have a good idea of what is going on and where you need to go. I took a break from this area and went to Old Taratina and started working on quests over here. Doing grey quests (basically super easy quests) are a great way of getting some real quick and easy experience so don't pass them over!I'll leave the rest up to you as you venture forth into the wilds.


I spent over 7 silver testing these this morning, so these are the conclusions based on the respecs. If I've mis-read the skill sets and what they do please feel free to chime in and let me know if something is amiss.Well you'll notice as you level up you get skill points for various things such as Hiding, Climbing, Bandaging, etc...etc... and you'll end up getting quite a few of them as you level up. Before I start I'll let you know as best as I can tell they are broke, busted, not working and any other adjective you can use to describe a borked system. With that said I'll introduce you to them briefly and let you know which ones work. (I thought I took a SS but apparently didn't so please forgive me as I forgot the names of a few of them)


Increases the amount of health you heal as you rest. Doesn't seem to work as best as I can tell. With max bandaging it was the same or a tad faster then zero points in it. At higher levels you get an additional component of this I believe called Fast Recovery which gives you a chance to double the amount of Health gained while resting. This does seem to work as every so often I notice a jump of health returned.

Err..forgot the name of this one

Works the same as Bandaging but restores your Stamina as you rest. It does allow Stamina to be regenerated while resting. The additional ability gained at a higher level allows you to double the amount of the Stamina regenerated while resting. Same as above, as it seems to work every so often as I'll notice a jump of Stamina while resting.

Endurance: Reduces the cost of stamina usage as your sprint. Doesn't work. With max points invested it uses the same rate as it does with zero points invested.

Fast Running: Allows you to run faster out of combat. Doesn't work either. Speed is the same regardless as max points or zero points invested. I've heard that it works only while sprinting, but this didn't change anything either.

Climbing: It allows you to climb areas. IT WORKS! Throughout the game there are climb points that allow you access to different areas and the ability to climb these are based on how many points needed. i.e. some areas will require 150 points, 200, even seen a couple 600 point climbs. Not really sure how much we need these but atm, after my respecs this is where I'm putting points. I've found a couple areas out of the way with nice views and even quest areas that were out of the way from the over-camped areas.

Perception: This is hit or miss. Sometimes I had great luck with it othertimes I couldn't find someone 11 levels lower then me who stealthed right next to me. Caveat Empor with this one. Your mileage will vary.

Hiding: Allows you to hide and decreases your chance to be detected the more points invested. Doesn't seem to work. A few points into it is necessary for basic hiding, but I get busted with it all the time by NPC's from various distances. With max hiding I would get pulled out of hiding by mobs 20 yards away quite frequently. Besides as a Conqueror moving while hiding is a great way to drain stamina extremely fast, so I don't recommend it for sneaking past NPC's as if you get jumped with no stamina it gets quite brutal trying to fight with no stamina.

Taunt:Adds threat to your attacks. Can't tell if this works or not. When grouped with lower levels they couldn't pull aggro off me and when grouped with higher levels it was hit or miss.I do believe that is all of our skills we have at lvl 40.

Feats: And should I go Dual Wield or 2 Hand?Well women always like big burly men that use both hand to hold...nevermind. Anyways, which route to go is entirely up to you. I love the fact this class can spec either way, its great versatility so I recommend trying both out. Here is a Feat Calculator to use to see which route looks appealing to you and your playstyle.Conquerors as stated above can choose to Dual Wield (no daggers) or a single gigantic 2 Hand weapon (no polearms). We also share the generic Soldier feat tree which grants us more specialization for tanking, DPS, increased resistances. I have never been a fan of multi-specced classes, so my generic recommendation is choose a tree and stick with it. However, your playstyle will vary greatly from mine, but if you don't like your particular choice you can visit Feat Trainers and respec for a fee. The Dual Wield tree (Carnage) is based around fast hitting, blender chopping, DoT attacks. This tree's main weakness is that it lacks knockdowns and stuns. Please feel free to add if there additional strengths or weakness' to this tree and forgive my inexperience in regards to this tree.The 2 Hand tree (Brute) is based around slow, hard hitting, devastating attacks. This tree gets a stun and increases the damage of your knockdown attacks and counter attacks. Again, please feel free to add to this as your experience dictates.The General tree augments existing abilities and adds to the overall specialization of your playstyle. Straight forward and basic.

Playstyle: Or how do we do solo as well as in groups?

Solo: I spend a lot of time both solo and grouped. Being on a PvP server its nice to have a group of friends around, but I do find myself going solo alot as I work on crafting, catching up on quests that others have done, etc..etc..I generally don't have any problems taking on multiple mobs. At level 31 I was able to solo the Elite Ymir Frostgiants with about 10-20% health left at the end. Packs of mobs a couple levels lower went down fairly easy as well. I spent a couple hours grinding over the weekend and was able to chain pull lvl 30 Varnir Elite Captains getting 350 xp a kill. I was able to solo the Spider Cave right before the Plains of the Dead when the mobs were 3 levels or so below me as well as kill the Lurker inside.Potions, Food, and Sprint are your friends. All of my armor and weapons are quest rewards or drops so this isn't being twinked out or using the best of the best. I generally swing by the potion and food merchant and buy 20 stamina and 20 health pots and it keeps me self sustaining for a few hours. I give the class a huge thumbs up for solo playability.

Group: Groups are where we really shine. We have a variety of buffs, commands, auras, and procs that make us a very desired and wanted class in groups and instances. We get a mysterious ability called Furious Inspiration that as far as I can tell procs when our group mates get hit. It stacks up to 10 times and when it is fully applied will proc in-combat resses on fallen members, increase the damage of all in our group, and just make us really popular, sorta like the prom king (or queen if your a girl).

We get stances, Normal, Frenzy, and Defensive.

Frenzy: Our offensive stance. Adds 150% damage but we take 300% more. You do not, I repeat, do not want to be in this stance while tanking.

Defensive: Our tanking stance. Lowers incoming damage but slowly drains stamina while in it and decreases out offensive power.

I was originally disappointed with Defensive stance in Beta and considered the only viable stance to be that of Frenzy, but find myself staying in Defensive more and more often, especially solo now. (You were right Renuo I'm eating my words in release) I don't really notice the stamina drain from the stance and my damage input/output in Defensive is worth it atm over the input/output from Frenzy stance right now. Maybe when I take the Frenzy feats it will be more worthwhile but in solo and pvp Defensive is very viable, plus there are defensive feats which may offset the lower dps of being in Defensive Stance.

Soldier Skills:

We get Charge at level 20. Charge is an ability that uses out Stamina but propels us forward to a target and increases the damage of our next attack. Charge is wonky right now I feel. Sometimes I'll get teleported 40 or 50 yards away, or charge through players, get stuck in trees or rocks, or just get a message saying you can't charge your current target. It may be that I grew used to Charge from World of Warcraft, but currently if there is anything in your way, or if there is an elevation change between you and your target you're going to more then likely not charge. Not too sure why you'll get teleported. I've heard tell that it is because you queue an attack before you charge. That may very well be the case, but I've stopped queuing attacks and still get it on occasion.

Overall Impressions:

Well being out for only 3 days it may be premeptive to be releasing a review/impression thread, but with retail starting tomorrow I thought it would be worthwhile and beneficial for those coming in. I do apologize for any errors that may be present, if you do notice something that is incorrect please feel free to either PM me or post a reply and I'll do my best to look into it and change any incorrections.

My thoughts on the class are very positive and I'm enjoying the variety the class offers. It can do all things well from DPS, support, and tanking. Being on a PvP server I've already had quite a few battles. Getting jumped solo by a ranger or caster has been pretty rough and more often then not has resulted in a run back from the spawn point, but getting jumped by melee has been a different story. Head to head I've been pretty impressed with our damage and ability to survive. Charged being borked leaves a foul taste in my mouth regarding pvp but I'm sure that will be fixed or I'll just adjust to using it in its current state. Solo and group play I'm more then satisfied with my choice of the Conqueror and I look forward to the last half of the levels.

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Age of Conan Exploit: Level up Within 25 Mins at Any Level

It was posted right inside the official forum!!!

Use the dang thing now before they nerf it!!

The key is "apprenticeship":

1. Select someone lower than you.
2. In the center bottom pops up a Tall and Short person. You click it and you make the person ONE LEVEL UNDER YOU. So leveling goes ZOOOOOOOOOOOM.

So basically, I took a group of 24s, turned them into 30s and we killed tough crap so much faster.


If someone levels, they have to leave the Apprenticeship and then you re-apprentice them.

This enables people to gain ~ 1 level every 25 min post 20!

Also, this system seems to good to be true, so lets take advantage of it as much as possible before funcom views theur system as flawed.

So even if you are questing and lower level people are LFG, group them, have the highest level character apprentice them, and reap the rewards!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Age of Conan Macro: Finish any Fight in a Single Keystroke

Very useful for farming and repetitive tiresome fights. If you can record a video, you can use this. Simply record your perfect fight and after that, charge to any enemy pressing only one key. This tool is an automation designed to complete those tasks which are repetitive or routine for you. It can almost do anything you can do. We are convinced you will be impressed with it. It can greatly simplify your work, increase your productivity, and save you time. It can do whatever you do, from moving the mouse pointer, keystrokes, selecting menus, pressing buttons, launching programs, showing messages and shutting down your computer, no matter how many steps. With its scheduler and trigger, you can even complete an unattended task.

Macro Expert 2 An Automation Tool, download free trial version here:

Just ask if you have any problem using it.You can use the trial for free.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spellweaving, guild city and Raid encounters

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Age of Conan Serverlist for Early Access

The gates to Age of Conan open in just a few days from now and legions of adventurers can hardly wait to set foot on Hyborian soil. Many want to chose their future home (also known as ‘Server’) beforehand and we know the list below has been eagerly awaited.

These servers are the ones that will be available on 17th of May when the Early Access play starts. The servers are scaled to modern industry standards, and will hopefully serve as your home for years to come! During Early Access we will closely monitor the number of players on each server to find out which types are the popular ones. Additional servers will then be made available for launch.

So, without further ado: here are the servers for the Early Access starting 17th of May:

US Servers (Early Access 17th of May)

PvE Servers
• Set
• Dagoth
• Zug
• Omm
• Derketo
• Thog
• Wiccana
• Gwahlur (recommended Oceanic)
• Anu

PvP Servers
• Tyranny
• Bane
• Deathwisper
• Bloodspire (recommended Oceanic)
• Doomsayer

RP-PvP Server
• Cimmeria

European English Servers (Early Access 17th of May)

PvE Servers
• Crom
• Dagon
• Ymir
• Bori
• Astoreth

PvP Servers
• Fury
• Wildsoul

RP-PvP Server
• Aquilonia

French Servers (Early Access 17th of May)

PvE Server
• Ishtar

PvP Server
• Ferox

RP-PvP Server
• Stygia

German Servers (Early Access 17th of May)

PvE Servers
• Mitra
• Asura

PvP Server
• Aries

RP-PvP Server
• Asgard

Spanish Server (Early Access 17th of May)

• Zingara (PvE)
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Age of Conan: Massive PvP = 48vs48

Honestly, when I first saw this I was in shock, then I was pissed, then I was depressed... And now, after really thinking it through, I think it's for the best.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Review of the Bear Shaman . .

For you people new to Conan you will learn that there are 3 direction attacks. Upper left, Middle, and Upper Right. An upper right attack will hit all mobs in front of you within like 2 meters and a 90 degree cone. Some combos have the Upper Right button as the last move before the combo is started so that will follow the same path as a regular Upper Right attack just with all the special goodies of the combo inflicting the debuffs (if any) on all those targets. I find Upper Left to be the weakest attack, with the Middle attack hitting any mob straight in front of you and up to 2 meters back it seems.

Now I should mention that I played a healbot in WoW and am in no way looking forward to playing a healer in any type of raiding or pvp situation. I realize they are extremely helpful and necessary but that **** got old quick. But if you're interested in maybe taking on a healer class the Bear Shaman might be a possible option for you.

I can say that I did indeed take a Tempest of Set to level 9 and it felt as though he was 2x as worse. I'm not sure how much they improve as they get higher level but I wanted to shoot myself with that character. he does have the added advantage of having ranged spells... but heals only go to 5meters so it kinda defeats the purpose IMO.

When two bear shamans get together (though I suspect it the same with any healing classes) in PvE is crazy. Mobs that take like 4 people can be killed easily.

The talent trees for the Bear Shaman consist of a generic healing tree (which all healers get), and specifically for Bear Shamans: Wrath and Spirit. Wrath is a physical, damage based tree, whereas Spirit is more of a protection/buffing tree with feats for absorbing damage and such. Full wrath is amazing, seems like spirit isn't very good. But since you have 80 levels you'll be using more than 1 tree, maybe 1.5

Bear Shamans *can* dual-wield but all the combos can only be done with a 2handed hammer. They also wear Medium or Light Armor. Fatalities with blunt weapons (such as the 2handed hammer) do not produce the head-chopping graphic, mostly just knock-backs with blood squirts on your screen.

Healing as a Bear Shaman:
Bear Shamans like the other two healers get 2 HoTs (Heal over times) and one nuke heal (Not available until level 30). Those are the only 3 heals you get (at least at level 45). The nuke heal is even broken right now, but when its working it puits a 1 minute debuff on everyone affected (within 8 meters I believe) Meaning that particular spell cannot be recasted with effect until the debuff is gone, which will present real challenges for raiding but that's neither here nor there. Bear shamans get their first HoT called Renewal which is an ability, not a spell.

Renewal - You click the button, then melee something to get the ability active, which stays active for 10-15 seconds until you do it again. It seems the harder I hit someone the more I get healed but thats speculation and hasn't been properly tested. I can say though that this ability affects everyone in the party evenly. Ex: If solo I get healed 50 every 2 seconds then everyone in party gets 50 every 2 seconds.

Blood Flow - The second HoT bear shamans get. A cone-based spell (Line of sight matters) that heals for a certain amount and if you have talents in the spirit tree can provide extra useful bonuses. Pro-Tip: Since this is a cone based spell if you are a healer and grouped with another one, face each other with the mob in the middle so your cones hit each other (these spells stack). I know that 1 out of 2 if not 2/2 of the bear shamans spells stack if you're partied with another bear shaman. I just haven't figured out which one it is because I haven't really looked tbh.

Fighting as a Bear Shaman:
Typically you will want to start blood flow right before you charge into a mob (it's HoT remember). while you're running in you will click Renewal and your first combo (if you have it yet) will be Crush Armor. This reduces the enemies armor increasing your damage. From there you will use one of your bleed combos to put another debuff on the mob (keep in mind the bleed combo is kinda pointless for non-boss mobs as you kill the mobs too quickly for it to be effective). From there you might have to reapply blood flow or renewal (or both) and finish him off with something else if you wanna be spontaneous. But thats all you really have to do.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Age of Conan Exploit: Casting Spells Through Walls

There are many glitched walls in AoC and they still left unfixed up til now. It seems that you can get into it for many purposes ranging from free PvP kills with noone noticing you or run away and that sort of stuffs.

These are videos in this regard I have found so far.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Age of Conan beta guide: An early game audio/video tour

It's the start of your career, and you're still figuring out what combat is like. Why not go all the way in and see what Age of Conan sunique combat looks like from up close?

After making your way through the jungle, killing off some pict raiders, you come face to face with your old slavemaster. He's greasy and unpleasant: only one thing to do.

After the slaver has passed on suddenly (with some help) you'll need to take on the pict villagers barring the way to your next goal. Taking out the chief makes the whole thing easier.

This ancient ruin holds the key you need. Unfortunately that ruin is less empty than it first appears.

Just like Futurama, it's time for some Ape fights. One of your final challenges before you enter Tortage is to take out the Ape King.

Conan's man in Tortage is on the run, hunted almost to death on an island. Luckily you're there to bail him out.

Our final video is one of the amazing-looking cinematics, setting the scene for the last questline in the tutorial.

What happens to the captain? The little boy? You'll have to play to find out!
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Monday, May 5, 2008

Age of Conan Dynamic Combat Music [video]

I've made a video that shows a lot of different battle music in AoC, including two different Boss battle themes. Enjoy,...make sure you turn up your volume

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