Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Age of Conan Trick: How to get Great XP out of PVP

This is pretty easyway to get pvp xp in AoC.
1. First off, helps to be in a big guild.
2. Get as many ppl as you can to some Epic instance, like Epic Field of the dead.
3. Everyone meet on a rez pad
4. Everyone but 1 person get naked
5. Boot one person from the guild(That isnt naked)
6. Kill everyone on the pad until your only recieve 1 pvp xp( about 5 kills per person)
7. After everyone has been killed 5-6x reinvite player to the guild.

Then well rest is obvious, player gets naked boot someone else from the guild have them use there best gear while there killing, and bee naked and crouching when beeing killed...... Enjoy those pvp lvls..... Im already LvL pvp 4 half way to lvl 5...... Good luck. And dont get cought!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Age of Conan Cheat: Wolves in kyllikki

The wolves that spawn in Kyllikkis crypt, during the last boss fight can be bugged out.

Once you enter the boss room, on the left, in the corner behind the pillar you can place the wolves, and run away from em:

Heres the actuall strategy: Have two tanks pick up the wolves and a ToS with aoe root with you at the start. If you kite em over there, AoE root them and run asap to the other side of the room. If you sucseed, they will just stand there throughout the fight, if ppl dont agro them back.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Age of Conan Exploit: Instance/epic farming (with out getting Bound to them)

This really Simple.
  • 1st. Get a raid together(Everyone in the raid must be unbound to whatever instance you are doing)

  • 2nd. Clear the instance, kill the boss. When the epic chest drops NO ONE OPEN.

  • 3rd. Have everyone but the raid leader type /camp. As soon as the 30 secound log out timer starts, CLICK EXIT GAME.(this will close AoC, and make the servers think something has happen and you lost connection to the server.

  • 4th. The raidleader waits for everyones name in the raid turns grey. That means its safe for all to log back in game.

  • 5th. After ppl start logging back in raidleader types /camp relogs. Now everyone should be unbound to the instance, loot the chest. REPEAT over and over. I have done Yakhmak like 17x in one day. Hes is very easy to farm for epic gear.

  • Enjoy Those epics

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    Saturday, October 11, 2008

    Age of Conan in Big Bang Theory

    Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures (AoC) got a nice bit of exposure this week in the CBS hit series "Big Bang Theory." The episode revolved around the game as one of the characters became obsessed with playing. This led to a comical episode of Internet lingo and typical gaming stereotypes. Despite that, the episode was very funny. Check it out below:

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    Wednesday, October 1, 2008

    Age of Conan leveling guide: Tortage 1-20

    For the first month of AoC I've been going through testing the different classes, finding which one suits me. So needless to say I've gone thru Tortage many many times. For those who want a leg up, or just want to level quickly, I hope this info helps out some. Just for reference I've gone from 1-10 in a little over an hour, level 15 in under 4 hours, and made it out of Tortage in about 8 hours at level 20 (still needing to do a few Tortage quests.)

    Okay so you've started a new character. First part is basic, go through killing everything on your way to rescue and subsequently take Casilda to the gate leading to Tortage. Once you hit the gate you should be about 3/4 thru level 5 (give or take a bit).
    After going thru the gate, head down the path and hang a left, there's a group of 3 panthers here. Kill them a few times until you hit level 6. At this point Turach the Blacksmith will have a quest available, which is why I grind on the panthers til 6. Go talk to Laranga, the gate guard, who will not only send you to Turach for your shackles, but will also have 2 other quests available. Grab them, talk to Turach about your shackles, and get the quest from him to retrieve his ore shipment.
    Go get the 3 stones he needs, remove your shackles, and head into the city. At that point grab the quests in the area -- should be one to get tools, one to get thread, and one to kill pirates. Now head over and talk to Sancha to get a quest from her to kill 3 pirates right behind her.. erm.. business Kill them, turn it in, head towards the docks.
    Grab quests there, get the tools, head to Redrik's ship and get the ore. From there head back to Turach, turning in the tools quest on the way. Turn in Turach's quest and get the sword and key reward, then head over to where you got teh stones, up the long stairs and get the spools of thread.

    Now at this point, check your xp. You should be getting close to 7. What you want is to be around 300xp from level. If you need to grind on a few mobs to get to that point do it.. pirates respawn fairly fast there, or go for the panthers.. better xp from them but only 3 to kill at a time. Once your at that 300 xp from level mark, go turn in the Spools of Thread. This nets 330 xp, and will hit 7.

    Okay, now do your Level 5 Destiny quest. Rogue classes are a bit limited here since they don't get many mobs to attack, but I think they may get more xp than the other archtypes, who all have to go to White Sands Isle. At any rate, if your heading to White Sands, wipe out the entire island (don't worry you can't cover the ENTIRE island, only the beginning areas are available.) You should be able to hit level 8 almost before even talking to Arias, and be around 9 when you leave White Sands. Keep going and finish Destiny questline by going thru the volcano and killing the Slavemaster. Most classes you should be at level 10 minimum by the time you finish all this (depending on how much of the Volcano mobs you kill.) Good way to judge how you're doing, I usually hit 10 right before I kill Slavemaster, so aim for that milestone.

    Switch back to daytime, gather up any quests on the way to the boat, and head for White Sands. You should have at least 9 quests for that area now, do them all except for finding Horensia's necklace.. mobs are a bit higher level there and you need to come back anyways, but it is near where you get the bottles of rum and wine for Ninus, so your call.

    Once all the White Sands quests are completed and turned in, you should be around level 13 or so -- maybe 14 depending on how many mobs you had to kill to get quests done. Pick up quests anytime you see them, btw, you'll do them all eventually. Make sure you grab all the quests for Underhalls you can, getting rings off the corpses is one that is missed sometimes since the questgiver is a bit out of the way.

    Time for the level 10 Destiny questline. Do that, pretty basic, should be level 15 or so when you're done. Now to hit Underhalls, everything from getting Turach some wine, looting dead corpses of rings, the Hauler's corpse, killing a male and female guard for their heads, getting the key to Raboz's cell (and talking to him after getting it).. the only one not to be too concerned with is killing all 50 Red Hand, you'll get it eventually. Underhalls should net you to level 17 or so.

    At this point you can do one of two things. Either hit the Destiny questline, or stay in daytime and head to the Ruins. I usually go Ruins, do the quests there, should have several by now, killing picts (30), getting brother's skull from demonic pict, killing and getting 5 ghouls and their heads, talking to Genzio, and grabbing the fruit near him. Turn those in and you should be about 18.

    Now is when I hit the level 15 Destiny, it's fast and nets you about a level, pushing you to 19. DON'T TALK TO VALERIA AT THIS POINT YET!!! Switch back to daytime after finishing the Level 15 Destiny quest, and head back to White Sands to do the other quests, killing the plant, killing Black Ones (if you had grabbed the necklace earlier you can escort Horensia to safety here as well.. saves you a trip back and forth.) The trick here is to quest your way about 1/2 thru 19.

    Okay, 1/2 thru 19, switch to nighttime and talk to Valeria to kill Strom. Follow thru this and once you kill Strom you get a blue wep based on your class.. Strom also drops a blue weapon, always had the sword drop not sure if he drops any other blue, and time to head to your homeland.

    Now you should have hit 20 at this point. If not, your very very close. Your class wep requires lvl 20, but no worries. At your homeland, talk to the smuggler nearby and head back to Tortage. When it loads, talk to the smuggler nearby again, and head BACK to your homeland. Once there, talk to the smuggler once more to go back to Tortage... yes it makes no sense... wait, that 2nd time, you get over 3k xp for that! Easy xp and should ding you 20 if you didn't already.

    From there finish off any Tortage quests if you like, or head off into the world... personally I finish Tortage quests since I hate leaving an area unfinished, but that's just me Plus at that point the Bat Demon quest is easily soloable, and nets you a blue piece of armor to boot.

    And that about does it. So quick recap to simplify it, keep in mind grabbing every quest available:

    Tortage gate at 5, level to 6, few quests to hit 7.
    Destiny from 7-10.
    White Sands Isle from 10-13/14
    Destiny to 15
    Underhalls from 15-17/18
    Destiny to 19
    White Sands, others to 19 1/2.
    End Battle (Destiny) to 20.
    Smuggler back and forth to get that easy 3k+ xp.

    Level to 20 in about 8h, newer players that aren't familiar with the area and quests, where they are and such, will take a bit longer, but hopefully this will help focus you a bit on where to go and when, rather than running all over trying to figure out where to go and what to do. Happy Hunting!

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