Thursday, April 30, 2009

Age of Conan Cheats: More on water running, attacking, steathing, casting

There are two methods of doing this. One is foolproof, but requires an NPC by water you can swim in, and the other method you can do anywhere, but is a little trickier (until you get the hang of it)

Side note: to other players, you are seen not running in water, but swimming in water. Except, really really fast and abnormally quick.

Foolproof method:
  • Be swimming in water near an NPC

  • Target the NPC and be somewhat close enough to where you'd be able to use your action key (not double click!) to speak to the NPC.

  • Jump in the water, and as your UI enables itself (i.e., you are in the air), press your action key (default 'u'). You will go into dialogue with the NPC.

  • Say goodbye.

  • Enjoy walking on water until you walk back on land or you try to jump (both disable the ability).

More convenient, trickier method:
1-Be on land, but in the water deep enough so that if you attacked (which moves you forward), you'd start 'swimming.'
2-Go into your inventory and make sure you have NO WEAPONS EQUIPPED. Not even an offhand. Be empty handed, so when you attack, you punch (crucial, and I'll explain why later).
3-w, preferably with hotkeys, press attack (any direction), and then almost instantaneously (but not quite) hold your hotkey for "Hide." Your character will jab quickly with his/her fists as he/she moves forward past the point where he/she'd normally be swimming. Note: even though you hit the "Hide" key, you shouldn't go into stealth even when this trick works. To know if it worked, your skillbar won't disable like it normally would when swimming in water. If you suddenly see your skill bar go grey, backstep and try it again until it doesn't. Then try running into the water. You'll be able to walk on it now, until you actually walk on land (and then the game realizes it's made a mistake

The reason why you have to be unequipped, I've come to reason, is that the game just doesn't think as much when you are. The attack is faster, it's not 'unsheathing' anything in the game code. Just, for some reason, that extra split moment where it pulls out a weapon and swings it slower than a fist jab, just stops the exploit from working.

Age of Conan Cheats

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Age of Conan yeremka made easy

Normally, you have to have a group that is dedicated to clicking the orbs on each side of the room at the same time when the boss gets enraged, well, not no more.

All you have to do is have someone run figure 8's around the 2 big columns in the room while having other people feed this person stamina so they never run out. Use stamina pots as well. The rest of the raid just focuses on the boss while it runs around the columns in a figure 8

The reason this works is because, the way the boss works, whoever attacks it 1st? the boss will want to run to that person and put a dot on them and then go attack another person. But if the boss can never reach you to put the dot on, you will never loose aggro, and the other people can just dps the crap out of the boss. If the boss manages to hit the runner however, you have to be really aware who he's going after next, because then you can have that person run around indefinitely while avoiding the dot. So in the end, one person can kite Yeremka till its dead, and people don't have to work on strats, good luck with it.

Age of Conan Cheats

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Age of Conan Slaughterhouse Alligator Exploit

Go to the Slaughterhouse instance in Thunder River. At the end you will spawn the alligator. After you kill it, log out to the password screen and then log back in. You should be able to click and spawn the gator again. Just repeat.

Age of Conan Cheats

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Day Free Trial + 3 In Game Items! has teamed up with FunCom to bring you a very exclusive and special 7 day trial offer for Age of Conan! All you need to get your unique trial key is your account. The development team at FunCom has done a lot to improve AoC since launch and this is a great chance for you to try it out for free!

Our keys are unique and will give you 3 in game items along with your 7 days of free access to Age of Conan!

Your special gift package will include:

Totem of Origins – using this item will allow the player to teleport back to his/her cultural city from anywhere in the world after level 20.

Bag of Holding– the friend of all new characters, this bag increase the inventory capacity allowing more loot to be carried around.

Enruned Kosalan Ring– A very powerful item that increases the combat damage output from its wearer. It works for both melee and magic damage.

Please select the appropriate link below based on your region ( login required):


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