Sunday, March 29, 2009

Age of Conan Exploit: dog boss loot without killing boss

The new bosses in the new instance Xibaluku drop cool things and all you that have done the instance knows that killing the Dog boss in the start of the instance doesnt drop any items you need the chest that is lockt up behind him. Well whats fun is that you can jump through the bars.

This is what i do with my Guardian:

1- Climb all the way down till you hit the first mobs in the instance.
2- Buff up with whatever you have and go defence stance.
3- To get to the dog boss you need to go past a big boss. if you keep hugging the left wall you will not agro him. So hug the left wall and run pass him
4- When you get inn to the dog boss room go left again and in to the first cave room to the left, that should deagro the dog.
5- From there you run straight for the barn that have the chest.
6- When standing infront of the barns you can see that on the right side there is a rock. sprint and jump between the 2 barns and on the rock,
7- Your in! loot the chest.
8- Die and do it again.

You will agro alot of boss doing this, so far there is only guardians that can do this. But if you have a guild member thats a guardian there is no problem. Let him agro and you loot.

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