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AoC Beta Questions: Zones, Traveling and Mounts

How is long distance traveling handled (ex. WoW’s gryphon/wyverns) ?
No horses or anything. Well you can talk to stagecoach or ship captain, and instantly you find yourself in loading screen, nothing like WoW's travel via the ship.

I have seen no information about the destinations after you leave Tortage. Are there starting zones for each race?
Just to expend on this subject, after Tortage (everybody starts in Tortage right now - tho if I recall correctly Gaute said that they will eventually have other starting zones). Anyway, after Tortage, each race goes to their starting town, Cimmerians to Conarch Village, Stygians to Khemi and Aquilonians to Old Tarantia. That said, you can talk to a stagecoach/ship captain and join your friends in matter of minutes.

How is world/zone size and design?
I can't get into this too deeply w/out upsetting myself. I still hate AoC's choice of zone design. As you mentioned a lot of times it is very linear. When you think about it, the world is decently big, but the way it was designed it feels like you are playing single player game.

Is there a lot to explore?
As for exploration...I'll have to say no. There used to be, thanks to bugs lol, you could scale up and down the mountain cliffs and get into places where you were never supposed to be, it was fun, but now that this is fixed, I think a lot of explorers will be let down. Sure there are some neat places here and there, and sometimes you come up on something that takes your breath away, but overall exploration is AoC weak point

Will funcom do something about the "restriction" to wander off the paths, giving you the freedom to run all over the map?
For the current zones, nope, we're stuck with it. Now, let's just hope that their future zones are more open.

Invisible walls: are they in?
Yes they are still in the game, but they have made huge improvements towards this.
Zone size has not changed at all. There are however big improvements on invisible walls. There are roughly 15 regular pve world zones, and 3 more resource/gathering zones. Instant travel is still in just as it was before.

You said zone are small; what did you mean?: Small rectangle, maze, etc?
I didn't say they are small, they just feel small. Some of the zones are actually huge in terms of geographical coverage, but because you find yourself forced down one or two paths and can't explore most of it, it feels like a tiny zone. So yeah, zones themselves are big enough, it's just that they feel like maze sometimes. (there are some pretty "open" zones though).

You say that exploration will be aoc's weak point? how many zones have you been to, and can you explain to me how exactly this is linear? is it like GW or even more linear?

Nor really sure how GW is but I'll try to explain about AoC.
Well, I've been in every zone in AoC, which amounts to about 17 zones now.

It's linear in a way that you are forced to take certain path(s) to get to certain location(s). Conall's Valley is one of the worst zones in this regard. You start on top of the hill/mountain, and from there you move on down to a valley. Your passage from top to the valley is like one big tube. Once you get to the valley, than you are in a big canyon kind of design. On both sides there are mountains, there are many camps within the mountains themselves, and there is usually one single path leading to each camp. Imagine a sitemap where you was no interlinking.

Zones can be accessed by everybody, but when a particular instance of the zone gets full (let's say 200 players), new instance is created. You can chose to which instance to go to. If you ever played CoH/V, it's just like it in that regard.

How fast can you team up with your friends?
Yes, as soon as you get out of the jungle, at lvl 5, you will be able to team up constantly. And we have no clue

Can you climb anywhere?
Nope, only at pre-defined climb spots, like fallen tree or latter. Climbing is a totally wasted feature in AoC. There are only 3 places outside of the Tortage where you can actually climb...3 places in 15 zones....., as far as I know anyway...and I know a lot lol.


Have you ridden any mounts other then horse and if so how are they?
No, only horses are in at the moment.

How do mounts works? Do you have to be a certain level or can you just find them?
Lvl 40 to buy them right now, it's subject to change before launch. You don't find them, you can only buy them from mount vendors.

Are mounts an inventory item that you can click on (or put in hotbar)?
Yup, mounts are inventory items and you click on them to summon them, and yes you can put them on the hotbar.

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