Thursday, May 22, 2008

Age of Conan Exploit: Level up Within 25 Mins at Any Level

It was posted right inside the official forum!!!

Use the dang thing now before they nerf it!!

The key is "apprenticeship":

1. Select someone lower than you.
2. In the center bottom pops up a Tall and Short person. You click it and you make the person ONE LEVEL UNDER YOU. So leveling goes ZOOOOOOOOOOOM.

So basically, I took a group of 24s, turned them into 30s and we killed tough crap so much faster.


If someone levels, they have to leave the Apprenticeship and then you re-apprentice them.

This enables people to gain ~ 1 level every 25 min post 20!

Also, this system seems to good to be true, so lets take advantage of it as much as possible before funcom views theur system as flawed.

So even if you are questing and lower level people are LFG, group them, have the highest level character apprentice them, and reap the rewards!

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