Wednesday, May 28, 2008

AoCheat: An all-purpose hacking tool for Age of Conan


  • Warp anywhere in current zone, instantly
  • Save an unlimited amount of warp locations in a logical manner (organize by zone, quest, etc.)
  • Advanced speedhack with speed locking.
  • No fall damage hack - never take damage from falling
  • Lock Z / Float hack - float far above other players, enemies, and even the tallest trees.
  • Warp-movement - uses the warp hack in smaller, more frequent increments to assist during manual exploration.
  • Hotkeys - bind any feature to a simple shortcut for ease-of-use.
  • Jump hack - edit how high you can jump to reach the rooftops or just to give you a bit of an edge in combat
  • A clean, logical, and customizable User Interface.
  • Dynamically-located memory locations - updates to AoC will not usually break AoCheat

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