Friday, June 20, 2008

Age of Conan Guide: Easy Money: Leveling 40+

When you you first get to the Tarantia Noble District and run around and pick up all the quests you will end up with three quests that send you to "Villas" in the zone. When you enter a villa to complete a quest the mobs will all be set to your current level.

Clearing a Villa doesn't take very long and nets you about bubbles of XP. But here is the catch....


Don't kill the npc you were sent to kill, don't rescue the old lady, etc.

Now walk out with your XP and go run the other Villas the same way, Don't complete the quests. DO NOT RE-ENTER the Villa for 4 hours! Go run some quests and take a break from grinding or something. When you come back ALL the mobs will have respawned AT YOUR CURRENT LEVEL. So now you have three personal grinding zones for your use!

I have leveled 42-46 this way.

Note that your entry to the Villa is based on completion of the quests. For instance if you are tasked with retrieving 5 valuables and walk outside YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO GET BACK IN.

Hope this helps someone.

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dont reenter the villa for 4 hours but exiting the vila without completing the quest will prevent you from coming back in?

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