Thursday, June 26, 2008

Age of Conan Guides: Fast easy gold

Go to Catacombs - must be lvl 68+ so you can walk through mobs
goto the first melee boss

To get to him:
  • go straight once inside

  • take first left inside instance

  • then go right inside this room
  • then go straight and to the right in the next room and the boss in around the corner

  • Agro boss

  • run to the explosive barrels

  • Kill two of the explosive barrels located near the boss (~1000HP) they will do 30k damage and basically kill all the elites and the boss in two hits

You will get 10s and this takes about 1.5mins to do and then you can reset the instance by inviting someone when you are outside the instance and just rezone in the group.

Don't try to kill the other two bosses as the priest casts spells and you can never get her close enough to any of the explosive barrels, and the other boss is so deep its not worth the travel time.

!!NOTE!! kill him solo or the amount of silver is reduced significantly this is really quick money I make around 4g/hr of farming this boss.

Also, this is an exploit because the barrels do a % based damage which kills the elites in 2 hits I'm sure they will try to fix this soon because these bosses aren't supposed to be soloable.

This guide is from a mmOverload. The best Age of Conan Guide site on the net.

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