Wednesday, June 4, 2008

AoC Cheats: Double Stacking Buffs and Infinite Durations.

So after the new patch I was running around on my HoX. My CoP spell was about to run out because of it's crappy 5 minute duration and so I went to recast it just as it was about to disappear. Oddly I had now had 2 icons of CoP and when I put my cursor over both of them neither had a timer indicating when they would wear off. Then I decided to recast the rest of my buffs, SoX and the other retarded cold resistance one, and they both stacked. This put my at the defense cap. Then I started fighting mobs and my Blood pool feat would proc, giving me 72 natural health regen, funny thing is this buff wouldn't disappear when the Blood pool despawned, and then every time a new Blood pool would proc I would get another buff Icon. Even though the icon was there I really didn't have the 210 natural health regen I was hopping for.(Bummer I was hoping to solo some elite instances). Also once I talked to an NPC my second set of buffs disappeared.

1) Cast a spell with a 5 minute duration
2) Wait for the spell to just about run out (if it has a 3 second cast time wait until it will debuff in 4 seconds)
3) Recast buff
4) Then cast every other buff you have
5) Don't talk to any NPCs
6) Go pwn shit.

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