Tuesday, June 10, 2008

AoC Guide: list of emotes

/emote afraid

/emote amused

/emote angry

/emote applaud

/emote apprehensive

/emote approve

/emote ashamed

/emote bearhug

/emote beckon

/emote beg

/emote blowkiss

/emote bow

/emote burningman

/emote burp

/emote bycrom

/emote bymitra

/emote byset

/emote cheer

/emote chicken

/emote clap

/emote combhair

/emote confused

/emote cough

/emote crossarms

/emote cry

/emote curse

/emote curtsey

/emote disagree

/emote disappointed

/emote disgusted

/emote dismiss

/emote drink

/emote embarrassed

/emote embrace - (Coming Soon)

/emote emphasize

/emote formalgreeting

/emote frustrated

/emote gigolo

/emote greet

/emote grin

/emote haggle

/emote hi

/emote horizon

/emote hugefish

/emote irritated

/emote kneel

/emote laugh

/emote laughheartily

/emote lightheaded

/emote lookaround

/emote lowembrace

/emote mediumfish

/emote ovation

/emote play - (Coming Soon)

/emote point

/emote pointback

/emote pointdown

/emote pointleft

/emote pointright

/emote pointup

/emote ponder

/emote poundchest

/emote pumpleftfist

/emote pumprightfist

/emote pushaway

/emote rude

/emote sad

/emote salute

/emote scared

/emote scout

/emote scratcharm

/emote scratchhead

/emote shakehead

/emote shocked

/emote shoo

/emote sigh

/emote slitthroat

/emote smallfish

/emote social_expression_suspicios

/emote stop

/emote surprise

/emote sway

/emote tantrum

/emote think

/emote thirsty

/emote toast

/emote track

/emote uneasy

/emote vixen_worship (Coming Soon)

/emote vomit

/emote warn

/emote wary

/emote waveaway (Coming Soon)

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