Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Age of Conan Bot - GM Power Hack 1.3

Finally got the new GM Power Hack update working on the latest patch. Enjoy it until they fix it again! But don't worry, i'll keep updating it.

PLEASE use the following RULES while using this hack:

    li>1) Don't go around mass-killing everyone in the city, that will just get you reported ect.
  • 2) Try not to set your speed to 300 miles per hour while in the city, it will also get you reported.

  • 3) When you summon people, don't summon a lot of people at once, people get mad.

  • 4) Have fun with it!

STEPS to get it working:

  • 1) Download it from mmOverload or the rapidshare link posted all the way below. If you haven't used rapidshare before you just click the "Free" button and it will take you to the download page. It will ask you to wait like 60 secs and to type in a verify code. Then the download will start.

  • 2) Unzip the hack.


  • 4) Login with your account. (Does NOT work with trial accounts)

  • 5) It will successfully activate, and then you can minimize it.


1) I can't seem to summon other players. What's the deal?
    Be weary that you cannot summon players into quest instances ect.

2) The speed hack crashed my AoC. Why?
    If you set the speed too fast, unless you have an amazing computer, your CPU will try and load too much stuff at one time and you will get booted. But no worries, just log back and and go a little slower lol.

3) Why does't it work with trial accounts?
    Trial accounts have multiple flags and limitations that make it barely even playable. Therefore it just plainly doesn't work.

4) It said Activation Successfull, but none of the hack commands work. Why?
    This ONLY happens when Funcom does server maintenance (wedbesdays), hotfix, or a patch. These happen pretty often. But I keep updating the hack so just check back here.

Downlad here

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