Sunday, July 20, 2008

Age of conan Exploit: Get Vistrix's Bane If You Missed The Raid

If not all your 80s could make the raid, and still need the inscriptions you can still get them after Vistrix is dead.

Just have one of your members who killed her and is locked out lead a group back inside.

No mobs and the system will ask you if you want to join instances with the locked out member who killed Vistrix. Once inside you can collect.

Works good for those that just finished their destiny quests or for 80s that didn't make the raid.

Too bad the Pillar with the tooth despawns. At least it did 24 hours later. Not sure if it is their directly after the raid. Might be possible to hold it too.

We managed to get the Bane Quest done the next day so the timer may be shorter for the Pillar.

Might work less than 24 hours or directly after raid. Needs tested.

I assume you can bring your guildies in to get the Bane at anytime during the 7 day lock out.

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