Friday, July 25, 2008

Age of Conan Exploit: Kill guards in Age of Conan!

Today I was ganking some people in the Armsman tavern and Ofcourse I getted the guards at me (I'm level 55, guards 50) After I killed the person, I wanted to flee from the guards, but then I noticied the guards where at 79 % HP...

So I found this out:

As necromancer(Or mage in general) you have in the General Feat Trea a spell called:
"Flesh of The Wight" - Its a spell who increases the effect of your absorb shield (Runed Flesh for Necromancer) and gives them some kind of "Thorns" effect. Damage when they hit you. And has a small chanse of putting a relative strong dot on your attacker.

Now you cannot damage guards because they are green, but the "Thorns" effect doesn't seem to be affected by that. So you can actually damage them! It takes a time before they are dead, but it can help you if you are trying to gank at a spot with guards!

This probably work with every spell who does damage to attacker when hit

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