Thursday, July 31, 2008

Age of Conan Exploit: PoleGuardian Exploit

As a Poleguardian, if you get the Skewer Style, you can basically chain spam that style. It hits for 5x your normal Hit and more if you are Gemmed.

You are hitting the Mob with regular style if you like or Open with Skewer.
As you Hit the Mob with Skewer and the damage is registere and style is 98% done, just move to left or right or behind.
The timer does not go to 60sec delay, and you can keep doing this.

If mob is at 1% health, don't use it, use something else, because if you land fatality with this, because of Graphic it shows that you did a full style and have to wait 60sec. Yeah you can get Huge Exp boost with this, but if you are chain killing things with Skewer which you should, Pull 4 mobs, Skewer and move back, skewer and move back.... in 5 hits they all dead and these mobs are 2-3 lvls above you!.

Carry Stamina Pots, they help as Skewer is a stamina drain, unless you go in Defense / whatever the other is that reduce stamina and regens.

If you play a Guardian you know what I mean. Hope this helps!

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