Thursday, July 31, 2008

Age of Conan Exploit: PVE eliminate big mob groups one after the other

Ok this is the siuation. A large group of enemys standing close to each other. you can not single pull them. each time you try to pull one the whole horde is after you.

fact 1: mobs will return to their initial position when you pull them too far away, they will not follow you infinitely. on their way back, they will not attack other players if not engaged.

fact 2: mobs will return to the spot where they last spotted a player not to where they spawned.

Here is what you do. one player pulls the whole mob group. runs away. as soon as the mob runs back to their position another player engages one (or two) of the mobs with a ranged weapon. the other mobs will return to their position. the single mob can be killed on the spot.

if still too hard, the second player can also run away. wenn his mob returnes to its position, it is not going to its spawning point but instead the spot where it was shot at on its way back. there it stops and can be attacked by both player one and two at the same time.

player two needs to be out of range on the initial pull.

does not always seem to work but most times. i was not able to see the pattern when it did not work, maybe you guys figure it out.

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