Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Age of Conan Exploits - Enruned Kosalan Ring For Free!

So I saw on here about the mess up with the Totem of spirits and how to get one for free and seeing as how I have every other reward item you can claim except for the ring I thought to myself, "hmmm maybe If I can get the contact information of the makers of the AOC key set and tell them I got a bad key maybe theyll send me a new one"
So...I contacted support@ideazon.com. Told them I had recently ordered a zboard keyset from them but the code didnt work. Told them the keyset was awesome but the AOC support could do nothing for me and to contact them. They sent an email back asking what country I was from and what the non-working code was, I sent them back the code for my mamoth that I already used and sure enough in a couple hours they sent me a code for the ring and I just added it to my account.

Not sure how long this will work but its worth a shot for the time being. Good luck!

-Go here for the form for customer support. I believe this is for another countrys customer support but its the only way around not having to actually own a keyset from them and this is what worked for me.

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