Saturday, July 12, 2008

Age of Conan Exploits - Raid bypass

Kyl's Crypt, when you zone in goto the left side of the stairs between the pillars (stair pillar and wall pillar) and jump sideways repeatedly and you will eventually jump over and invisibile wall. Once you are over that just walk around over there and you will walk outside of the zone (seeing blue sky). Aslong as you dont spazz out and jump around you wont fall, you will just go from the surface to the sky. Run towards where Kyl is at and you can jump attack her or aoe her... Also doing /stuck will get you above the world if you use it under a pillar. Right now I can solo her a few times a day on my tos without getting locked out.

BRC, you can bypass the bugged Gargboss by jumping around sideways at the door to the blue soul guy. Also if you stand sorta sideways at the center of the door and do /stuck you will port inside it and be able to walk through. Right now I can do this with 2 groups and kill artificers (green goblin side) aswell as gargoyles (garg master side) and get people the 2h epic mace. Also the bosses behind the doors are alot easier than their predecessors. Added bonus is the trash behind the doors drop the t2 epic shoulders!

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