Monday, July 28, 2008

Age of Conan Guide: Easy Cash For Mount

At the moment the game is new as you know, and the is still alot of new players which are still getting to grips with the game and most importantly, the trader, this is how i make my cash.
if u just scout the trader there is often people selling items for about 1tin, which can be sold to a vendor for alot more, e.g there is a Generic item called 'Blue Gem' and it sells to a vendor for 10c50t, they are on the trader for as low as 2c, so there is a small profit, u can only have one at a time so just repeat for a nice amount of cash for low levels, which is great towards the mount at 40.
also heavy armor at about levels 40-50 sells for a few copper, and is on the trader alot of the time for just tin, is you search for a bit you will find alot of items u can make cash from and before you know it, you have got a few gold at 40, which is very handy for the mount and getting your crafted professions off to a good start.


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