Friday, July 18, 2008

Age of Conan guide: Epic Canibal Cave, Gold guide

since the catacombs solo guide dont work anymore becourse the urns only lower the mobs hp to 30%, then i was looking for a new place to get my money, and i found canibal cave.

the plan is the same as with the catacombs

1. Enter Canibal Cave on epic mode,
2. Run to the boss mob up at the cage with the kids in it
3. Kill the boss
4. Loot the silver ( around 20-33 )
5. Exit
6. Invite a player
7 Enter Canibal Cave on epic mode
8 Leave group
9. Do step 2-7 over and over until ur fingers bleed

OBS. im doing this at lvl 80. dont know how low u can do this before the boss makes to much dmg on u.
takes around 2-3min pr round and that is with loading time

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