Thursday, July 10, 2008

Age of Conan Guide: Instant Rez, No Load Screen

Bypass Rez Loading Screens in Age of Conan For Instant Rez!
This takes out those annoying loading screens when you rez. So for example if your fighting a boss and you die, Furious Inspiration pops up, you rez but then have to wait through that little annoying loading screen, well this takes that out. As soon as you click rez, whether your resurrecting two feet or across the zone you will instantly be able to play.

  • 1. Open up ‘My Computer’ TURN ON HIDDEN FOLDERS – under ‘tools’ menu.

  • 2. - For XP Users Goto: Documents and Settings\YOUR-USER\Local Settings\Programdata\Funcom\Conan\Prefs\Your USERNAME\Prefs_2.xml
    - For Vista Users Goto: YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\Funcom\Conan\Prefs\YOUR USERNAME\Prefs_2.xml

  • 3. Open up the Pref_2.xml in Notepad, it’s a small file, 1 page. Near the bottom there are two lines, “SplashScreenFadeInTime” and “SplashScreenFadeOutTime” change both their values from 2 and 5 to zero.

  • 4. DONE! Restart the game, die and rez instantly!

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