Monday, July 14, 2008

Age of Conan Tricks - RDB Files And Picture's in Info Boxes

Alright in most games all files are saved in RDBs which allows a TON of information to be compressed into a minuscule size. There is a RDB file editor on the cursegaming website (Link Soon) that allows you to manually open these rdb files and view images (PNG + JPEG). A user is allowed to view each file by "Dumping Raw Chunks." It's pretty simple to be honest. I will go a little more detailed later, but as for now heres a quick step to step guide.

1) DL RDB file editor from
2) Open it and open an RDB file from AoC folder (12,14 have most of the pictures in them)
3) Get the RDB number which is listed in the middle.
4) Put it in the code in the game in your infoboxes using: {img src=rdb://(RDB NUMBER)} {} = <>
5) The other code is pretty much necessary for you to learn as this wont be much use to a very amateur crowd of scriptors.

HINT: You can click F11 to "Dump Chunks and Run". This will view the image before you put it in the game blindly.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy, great work youre doin on your blog!

But can you help me with these scripts? Dont know what to put into the {} boxes.
I know my rdb hash for Daggamalt is 180450 but i simply cant get it into a script!

Keep up the good work!

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