Sunday, July 20, 2008

AoC Hacks - AoCarnage - NFD-AoCSprint-SpeedHack

AoCarnage is a set of hacks for Age of Conan including:


1. No Fall Damage
2. AoCSprint
3. Speed Hack (Not Recommended)

I have no clue if the name AoCarnage is taken but oh well. Thats what I named it.

Download: At mmOverload

README.txt contents:
Works 7/17/08 - Tested
AoCarnage Age of Conan Hack
Coded by Valex

This software has been declared as public software for any user.
This software is FREEWARE, you may use it however you wish.
If you get caught, it is not my fault.
Have fun!

In program instructions. Too lazy?
F1=No Fall Damage
F2=AoC Sprint Hack
F3=Enable usage of Speed Hack
F4=Increase Speed
F5=Decrease Speed
F1-F4 Enables/Disables functions
F4-F5 must have Speed Hack Enabled (F3)
Speed Hack only goes to speed 10

Revisions -


Updated AoCarnage for 7/17 patch!


Released AoCarnage!

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