Tuesday, July 29, 2008

AoCGrinder free beta begins

A new beta version of AoCGrinder was Released as of Saturday, July 26th,

AoCGrinder features a sound and robust base artificial intelligence that
will have you grinding levels, gold and gear; this includes:

  • Versatile Path recording and running.

  • Tombstone-running - if the bot dies, it will use your Tombstone Run
    to return you to your path and find your tombstone.

  • Triggers, such as stop timers and alarms.

  • [PLANNED] Tell detection / chatbot.

  • Basic, generic and scalable combo and spell fighting routines (will be expanded on later by custom class extensions).

  • Looting.

  • Resting.

  • [PLANNED] Buffs.

  • A clean, logical, and customizable User Interface.

  • Dynamically-located memory locations - updates to AoC will not usually break AoCGrinder.

Visit mmOverload for more info.

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