Thursday, September 4, 2008

Age of Conan Exploit: Crash/Restart ANY instance in less than 1 minute

I'm not sure what uses you can get out of this, maybe refreshing bosses in dungeons (not sure if it works that way). This has been tested and is reliable, works every single time. I'm almost afraid to let it out because of what people might do with it.

Use any kind of macro program to spam the /stuck command very quickly. With my current settings i spam it every .3 seconds and it takes 30-40 seconds to crash ANY instance.

I've crashed several different instances many times, crashed kesh like 9 times in under a half hour just to test. Obviously this is very detectable, not sure if its bannable but if its abused to the point where everyone will notice something is up, im sure you can get punished for doing it.

Edit: By crash I mean everyone in the instance will be kicked and will have to relog

This bit is from a mmOverload. The best Age of Conan Exploit site on the net.

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