Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Age of Conan Exploits: Kill elites without taking damage

This is a minor exploit, it only works on 2 mobs, The thing is, they are the first mobs in zone, so you can keep reseting instance to kill them repeatably and try to get some "phat lewt"
I think this exploit would be good for rangers, because it's a ranged attack exploit and obviously they do max damage with range.

Anyways, run into Cannable caves, run through the beginning mobs, aggro the whole camp to your right as you come in, then hop up on the wall on the right, run back towards entrance along it about 10meters and 2 of the mobs will stay in combat with you and just stand there while you range attack them down to no health.
Some reason all the mobs tether back when you do this except for 2 of them. So you can try to find other mobs in the zone that won't tether on you if you pull them there.

The exploit works, i guess it's up to you whether it's helpful or not. For me it was not, i do mellee dps so it's worthless, but i found it so im posting it. Hope it helps someone out though, or someone improves on it.

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