Sunday, September 7, 2008

Age of Conan Hint/Tip: Some easy XP for every Level

Perepreqisitiesys or what ever:

  • Two Chars or a friend

  • First Acc´s Chars level differs at least nine above or lower Second Acc´s Chars Level

  • Both have to be above 40. Minimum is one 40, another 49.


All Ressource-Instances got quests which are repeatable every 24 hours.
(Imirian, Frost, zaara)

Get yourself invited to your friend or your second char. With the high-level
take all the quests you can get. With the lower-level take at least one quest.

Enter instance with the low-level FIRST. Then enter with the high-level.

For the high-level all mobs are grey. This means no aggro. Now all quests regarding killing not-boss-mobs, destroying certain things, pick up certain things, or even when youre much more higher than the bosses, killing bosses is very easy.


Nearly all quests are scaled in their value to your actual level.

This means you get the full quest experience no matter if for example the mobs you have to kill are 40 levels lower than you.

Got the point?


I am actual level 76 with one char, I do above mentioned thing, only doing it with three easy Quests, costs me about 5-10 Minutes, I get 249.800 exp.

I think that is not too bad for a few minutes. Especially when you are in a Guild and have to visit your city and have a bit of spare time.

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