Monday, January 19, 2009

Age of Conan Cheat: Ranger DPS Boost Exploit!

There is a simple way to boost the Ranger's DPS. You can reach 550+ DPS with Fokused Fire....

First do feat reset , then learn Sniper Stance activate it and do feat reset.
Do this with all 4 Stances . The Point is you must learn all 4 Stances after activated the 4 Stances otherwise you will lose the Stances after Zoning/Teleporting. In fact you must have a hybrid build like this---> Feat planner AoC DPS

NOTE: If a Guard or a NPC Mob kill you, the Stances will reset. So be sure no Guard or NPC Mob kills you. This Exploit works since long time and i also did report it to Funcom, so it will be gonna fixed soon! This Exploit is rare , not many Ranger's used it , i wonder why this Exploit isn't released in any AoC Forum's.

Have Fun!

Age of Conan Cheats

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