Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Age of Conan: Free reinforcement potions

It can be hard to maintain your potion supplies or buying new armor and weapons at low levels.

There are a few lower level quests that will offer a Reinforcement Potion as a quest reward. There is one for level 8 and one also at level 11. If you are an orc, the Alchemist in Golundo offers the quest for level 8 and the merchant at Nortop Village offers the one for level 11. If you do these quests, you will have two reinforcement potions. Reinforcement potions sell for a very high amount of gold on the auction house. Unfortunately, the potions from quests are possesed, meaning they cant be traded.

But heres the trick: 1-make sure your two potions are stacked together 2-shift click the stack and drag to an open slot in your inventory 3-enter amount to split as 1 and hit enter.

Splitting the stack makes one of your potions no longer possesed.

You can now sell the potion for a good amount of gold. Leveling to 11 does not take very long so this is a good way to make quick cash.

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