Saturday, April 25, 2009

Age of Conan yeremka made easy

Normally, you have to have a group that is dedicated to clicking the orbs on each side of the room at the same time when the boss gets enraged, well, not no more.

All you have to do is have someone run figure 8's around the 2 big columns in the room while having other people feed this person stamina so they never run out. Use stamina pots as well. The rest of the raid just focuses on the boss while it runs around the columns in a figure 8

The reason this works is because, the way the boss works, whoever attacks it 1st? the boss will want to run to that person and put a dot on them and then go attack another person. But if the boss can never reach you to put the dot on, you will never loose aggro, and the other people can just dps the crap out of the boss. If the boss manages to hit the runner however, you have to be really aware who he's going after next, because then you can have that person run around indefinitely while avoiding the dot. So in the end, one person can kite Yeremka till its dead, and people don't have to work on strats, good luck with it.

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