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Helpful Hints

To add friends
/cc addbuddy NAME

/ Commands
To view a list of / commands. Type / TABTAB. This will bring up a list just like the emotes. Below is a list of / commands with descriptions. Those with a ? next to them means I do not know what they do.

/afk - Toggles afk on and off. Give you an opportunity to put a message in.
/anon - Makes you not show up in searches
/bank - ?
/born - character creation date
/bugreport - report a bug
/bugreportbtn - ?
/camp - logout
/cc - ?
/cc addbuddy - adds someone to your friends list
/ch - chatgroups
/chsay - talk in a chatgroup
/claim - get your reward
/emote - /emote + TAB to bring up a list of emotes
/fhelp - Brings up some /commands
/follow - Follow your target
/g - talk in group
/gm - ?
/group - same as /g
/gu - guild chat
/guild - ?
/guildsay - same as /gu
/help - field manual
/heroicmode - Takes you to a group instance of your current zone
/hide - makes you use the hide skill
/hotkey - ?
/ignore - Ignore a player
/invite - Invite a player to a group
/items - ?
/kick - a player from a group
/leave - leave a group
/list - brings up /list players
/logcombat - ?
/loot - loot target
/macro - /macro
/me - ?
/name - ? possibly to name pets
/ooc - talk in ooc channel
/org - ?
/petition - put in a gm ticket
/played - shows how much you have played
/quit - logout
/r - /reply
/ra - raid chat
/raid - same as /ra
/reloadhotkeys - ?
/reply - same as /r
/s - shout
/say - same as /s
/script - ?
/selectself - target yourself
/option - ?
/sit - sit down
/stand - stand up
/stuck - gets you unstuck
/t - pvp minigame chat
/team - same as /t
/tell - send a tell
/text - ?
/version - list version of server and client {{may or may not be correct }}
/w - /whisper someone
/whisper - same as /w

I hope these help and enjoy!

Help I'm stuck!
1. Try /stuck this has worked for me every time.
2. If it does not work. Try using your Path skill.
3. If you are still stuck then type in /petition and a GM
will be with you asap. Please be patient they may be busy.

/who command
The first button on the upper left (People and PvP I believe) has all the search options. There's one for Player, Group, Guild, and PvP.

For a list of emotes type /emote TAB This will bring up a full list of emotes.

To claim your CE awards use

Walk and run
Autorun is the NUM LOCK button. Toggle between walk and run with Backspace.

Active Blocking and other combat tips
1. I didn't know this existed until today. The hot key is X give it a shot.
2. Double tapping a direction will give a short duration
'buff'. Backwards add evade, forward adds chance to stun- helpful in multiple situations.

If you complete a quest and your bags are full. Your quest reward is not lost.
1. Look next to the mini map you should see a !.
2. Make room in your bags.
3. Click the !
4. Claim your reward. aka Profit!!!

If you mess up on your feats or your skills do not fear. Both can be redone.
However both do cost a small amount of coin. Skills are first up.
1. Hit P to bring up skill list.
2. Hold down ALT and left click on the skill you wish to
get rid of.
3. Confirm the skill respec
4. Add the points back to wherever you would like.

Next up Feat Respec
In each major city their are NPC's that will wipe your advancement tree for you. All that you do is talk to them confirm the wipe and pay the small fee. The first time it costs about 50 copper

Tortage - Feat Fixer - On the Docks - 1084, 718 { Has
been removed for now }
Khemi - Zahra - [Trainer] - On the Docks - 833, 1144
Old Tarantia - Minerva - [Trainer] Base of the Temple of
Mitra - 796, 541
Cimmerian - Cowal [Trainer] at (250, 490)

1. Hit the P key.
2. Add points into climb. At level 20 I had 100 points allocated. I have found nothing as of yet I can't climb. Feel free to correct me or give feedback on this.{{ I was informed there is a quest that requires 180 in Old Tarantia}}
3. Move to the climbable object. Hit the U key. Up you go!

Guild Information
You can start a guild at level 20. To do so follow the below steps.
1. In the upper left hand corner of your screen you will see three tabs. Click the third one.
2. Fill out the information. Choose a guild name and a type of government. From what I can tell the type of government doesn't change anything. Just the names of the ranks.

To invite someone go to the social tab {{ the first tab on the left hand side }} and select add name. Type in the name and check add to guild. Click ok. That's all their is to it. Happy recruiting.

Zone instances
If you are grouped but can not see your party members. As leader of the group right click on the party member's name and select bring to instance. I am not sure of the
wording but it's easy enough to figure out. Also near the mini map you will see a drop down. One of the choices are change instance. You can tell who in your group is in what instance easily through this. A star next to an instance is where the group leader is at. A human symbol represents where group members are at.

At level 20 you can take gathering skills. At level 40 you can take your actual craft skills.

Dual wield
If you have it. Put two one-handed weapons on the lower LEFT of your paper doll inventory page. The icons for those are a sword and a shield. The Right side sword and shield are for alternate weapons.

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