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CPSIA - How to fail to make a good law.

February 11th, 2009 hexsane Posted in Random Discussion |

A thrift store in Omaha, NE cleared its shelves out of fear of CPSIA A thrift store in Omaha, NE cleared its shelves out of fear of CPSIA

I buy, sell and collect some toys and toy related memorabilia. This thrift store in Omaha, NE is one of those places I visit almost on a daily basis. Out of fear of CPSIA this store has emptied its shelves of the toys and children’s books. I didn’t look if they had removed all of the children’s clothing but I am quite sure they did that also. I know what you’re thinking: This law doesn’t target them. It was designed to stop big manufacturers from importing lead loaded toys from China. Well, you would be wrong. This non-profit organization will have a drop in sales because they are afraid of getting a $5000 fine for selling a toy or piece of children’s clothing that was manufactured using the poor safety standards in China. I know Goodwill in Omaha is also ending its sales of toys (and probably children’s clothes). Other thrift stores and consignment shops are probably following suit. Thousands of dollars in sales that once HELPED EMPLOY PEOPLE, HELPED FIGHT CANCER AND HELPED PEOPLE IN NEED are now going into the trash bin instead. Excellent job law makers. I think its time to try again. Fix this law - you screwed it up. Swallow your damn pride and repeal it. Write it so it makes sense and stops taking money from non-profit organizations. Thinking about it now though, maybe something good will come from this stupid law - there will be a spike in the value of collectible toys.

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