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The demise of Ensemble Studios

February 27th, 2009 hexsane Posted in Other Games |

Age of Empires signed by the entire Development Team. Age of Empires signed by the entire Development Team.

I’ve been under a rock. Until recently I had no idea good old Microsoft was closing them down (although I recall mentioning to Matthew Pritchard something about sleeping with the devil before they signed with Microsoft, but I digress). Matt had joined Ensemble in its infancy and was one of the key developers in Age of Empires. Having this friend within the walls of Ensemble allowed me to obtain a great prize - a copy of Age of Empires autographed by the entire development team. I had originally asked for a copy with his autograph and was quite surprised when I received it. The funny part of all of this - I’ve never actually played the game. Its still new and untouched inside the box.

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