Friday, November 28, 2008

Age of conan exploit: How to trade none tradeables (bop)

this expliot works with EVERY item except 2 handers. got full t1 from it.

** you need an white item that does NOT say Character bound, bop, boe on it. just go to AH and buy an white item from tortage.

1. In your backpack, make sure you have the item you want to trade ( BoP ) with 1 slot free next to it.

2. equip the white item( doesn't matter wat kind of white item but has to be the none character bound one i talked about at start).

3. Drag the white item quickly into your empty slot next to the item you want to trade, and quickly drag the item you want to trade ( the none tradeable ) over the white item.

**you will know when it works, because the bop item will be equipted to the slot, if not keep trying step 3.

4. Once you do that, trade the white item. On your computer you will see the white item, on your friends computer he sees the bop. Trade it. enjoy!!

Once you trade it relog, because some items get mixed around, if you follow my steps, nothing would go away, only the bop item you traded.

Try not to send through mail, funcom can track it.

I'll try get some SS or a video up to help, its a bit difficult at first.

good ideas for this expliot. Collecting t1 from raids, and giving to someone who needs / keep. Preordered items ( Mammoths and rhinos ) sell for gold, can make quite a bit.
bloodspire reppn

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Anonymous said...

Quite a bit on mammoths and what not?

When you trade it, just type /claim and get a new one you can sell? :)

Anonymous said...

Not work anymore , any new tactic ?

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