Friday, January 30, 2009

Age of Conan Cheat: Get A GM To Contact You Before Others Waiting

First of all, I would like to say that you probably shouldn't do this more than once, because it's more than likely punishable.

I was looking through some of the .XML files in the AoC program files, and came across one called "actions.xml". So, I opened it up and was reading it. To my surprise, I found several of the GM commands that could be used in game.

I went back in-game. I figured it would be relatively funny if I could use one of them, although I didn't expect I could. The command wasn't anything common, thought FunCom might have been stupid and thought the commands weren't available and were secret.

So, if you type /bccaction in game, you get a message that reads "You are not authorized to use this command, and a report has been sent logging your request to use this command".

Well, my 60 destiny quest has been bugged (I'm level 80 now.), so I thought MAYBE, if I spammed the command, I might get messaged.

After spamming /bccaction for about 5 minutes, I had a GM message me. He said he had been notified that I was spamming the starter GM command. (Normal commands were like "/bccaction_death"). He asked how I knew it. I said it was in the .XML. He laughed, told me not to spam the logs anymore, and asked if he could help me with anything. I told him about my destiny quest and he fixed it for me.

Give it a shot, it's better than spending seven hours in petition queues.

Age of Conan Cheats

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