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Age of Conan Start-up Cash Strategy

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Basically, what you're doing with this strategy is taking advantage of the fact that there are always people out there who for whatever reason are selling items at the trader that they should be selling to a vender, and asking less for those items than what a vendor would have paid for them. By buying up these items and selling them to a vendor yourself, you make the money they would have made if they had just sold the item at the vendor in the first place.

Step One: SELL
sell all your items to a vendor, including every item of clothing you are wearing. This should generally leave you with at least a copper or two.

Step Two: Search.
Go to the Trader, click "buy," and then start searching for an item that fits the following criteria:

    a) You can afford to buy it

    b) It can be sold to the trader (almost anything except Tradeskill Resources and White Gems will do)

    c) The Cost to buy the item is LESS than the amount you can get by selling it to a vendor.
    (the Vendor Price is displayed towards the bottom when you hover the mouse curser over the item's icon.

** The fastest way to search for these items is to select a category ("cloth armor," for example) and then just click "search." this will give you a list of the cheapest cloth armor on the market. Click on the price tab towards the top to have the items displayed by prive from least to most.
Starting with the cheapest item, compare the price it's being sold for to the vendor price.

Step Three: BUY

Once you find an item that is being sold for less than the vender price, buy it. Buy as many items that fit the above criteria as you can afford.


The larger the difference between the cost of an item and its vendor price, the more you will ultimately make, so don't just buy the first item you find that fits the above criteria. If you buy and sell an item that costs 1C and has a vendor price of 1C 50T, You'll make 50T; If the item costs 10T and sells for 11T, you'll be making only 1T.

Step Five: Spend more to Make more

Unless you're just looking for a few tin to buy an item, don't be afraid to spend all the money you have on these items. On paper your balance on paper may go down close to zero, but once you sell those items, you'll end up with more than what you started with. The more items you buy, the more you can sell and the more you can make.


Once you've bought all the items you can, switch to your mail ("Post") window and get the item you just bought so that you have it in your inventory

Step Seven: SELL

Leave the trader and find ANY vendor. click on the "sell" tab, highlight the item you just bought, and click "sell."

Step Eights: REPEAT

You should now have more money than what you started with, which means that you can go back to the trader and buy even more underpriced stuff to vend. Each time you sell all the things you've bought, you'll have more money than before, which means you'll be able to buy more and/or more expensive items, which generally will make you more money (an item that costs 1T and sells for 2T will only make you 1T, but an item that costs 1C and sells for 2C will make you 1C.

Step Nine: Switch

Eventually, as the prices of the items you're looking at get higher, you'll stop finding items that you can resell for a profit, because vendor prices are generally quite low even for things that would sell for quite a lot on the open trade market. When you can't find any more underpriced items of a particular typem just select a new item category (daggers, for instance), do a blank search and start combing through each item from lowest to highest price, buying when you see a good deal.


  • BE PATIENT. You use this strategy once or twice and then spend all your money to get a better weapon, but then you'll have to start all over again at the lowest level to make more money. Wait until you have MORE money than you think you need before getting back to the rest of the game.

  • While it's possible to make a silver or two with this method if you're very persistant, the amount of money you can make this way will seem like chump change later on in the game, as quests start paying more, loot becomes more valuable and more effecting (and expensive!) strategies for making money become possible.

  • That being said, you have very little cash when you start out, and because you can start using this method almost immediately, it's a great way to make some quick cash to buy a larger bag, food, potions... all the things you'd like to have right away buy would otherwise have to wait a while for because the early quests pay so little.

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