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Leveling and Character Development

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures features 80 levels of character advancement, and every level is reached by gaining experience points through completing quests and killing enemies.

Questing is the primary way of gaining experience, allowing you to see the world and experience the stories of Hyboria while advancing your characters. Killing enemies also provides experience points, and this is based on how difficult the enemy is. Every time you gain a level, you will have to make a range of decisions that impact your character’s future:

  • Attributes: Your attributes will gain automatically when you gain new levels.
  • Skills: You will gain a certain number of skill points that you can invest in your various skills.
  • Feats: You will gain a certain number of feat points that you can use to buy new feats or strengthen the feats you’ve taken before.
  • Combos: Depending on your character’s class, new combos may become available when leveling up.

The apprenticing system:
  1. Find a high level guy to apprentices you, which will bring you to within 1 level of that person.
  2. You fight creatures which are the same level as the person who is apprenticing you, gaining you massive amounts of experience.
  3. You will skip most of the questing and story line while gaining skills and abilities much faster than you can learn to use them.

While this is a great way for casual players to catch up to their hardcore friends, the questing in this game makes leveling very fast while at the same time not feeling like work. However there are some trouble spots where you may be required to do some grinding. Those spots could be better dealt with by making use of the apprenticing system.


I made my way through levels 1-29 the first day I played. There are tons of quests that you can stack to help you level. I was level 19 when I left Tortage, and hit level 20 after entering Conall's Valley. I then quested in Conall's until I was level 29; it was very easy and super fast. By the way, I did not play in closed beta.

In the second day leveling, I managed to get through these 10 levels. Black Castle is a good place for these levels. However around level 35, I went to pyramid of the Ancients,. This was a great spot for leveling 35-39 which took almost the same amount of time as levels 29-35.

During the third and part of the fourth day I leveled from 39-50. At level 39, I traveled to Old Tarantia Noble District, and was very surprised at how quickly I leveled. I stayed at Noble District until around level 45, then I went to Field of the Dead.

On a side note, I did some arena during these levels. Arena is in the tavern in Old Tarantia Noble District, and there are solo/group quests there for you to do. There is a level requirement on all of these quests, and I think you can do the final group quest at around level 57. These are well-worth the experience end rewards they give. I quested all the way to 48.5 in Field of the Dead, then went into Eiglophian Mountains for a short time.

Fifth day leveling. At level 50 the game slows down with regard to leveling. I managed to quest in EM until around level 55, then I had to grind to 56. It
seems like some quests opened between 54-56, so I did those and got close to 57, then I had to grind out some more experience to hit level 57. It was at that
time I got the typical quest to head to another area - in this case, the place was Thunder River.

On the sixth day, I found out that Thunder River was way too difficult for soloing at this level. Luckily, I heard that Atzel's Approach was much better for leveling.

Atzel's Approach is awesome! When Upon arrival,I found the content to be very difficult. However, Once I got past that part of the zone, my experience flew.
I did all of the quests and ended up somewhere around level 63.

The seventh day of levelingled me out of Atzel's Approach and back to Thunder River. I was able to finish the quests here much more quickly than before, so I hung out here for a while. There was a little grinding involved but nothing too terrible. After finishing all of the quests that I could, I went back to Atzel's Approach. I finished up the quests I had and headed to Ivoryvale at level 67. Ivoryvale is an icy canyon full of non-aggro mammoths, generally in pairs of two. Once I was out of quests here I grinded on the mammoths until I hit level 68.

I started my eighth day out by grinding those mammoths until I reached 70. Level 70 was great since it led me to Kheshatta. Kheshatta is a sweet place, especially when you're the only one in the zone. I quickly cranked out two full levels from quests alone.

I started the ninth day out with more grinding in Kheshatta until I hit level 73 and some more quests opened up at. I knocked out those quests very quickly,then grinded my way to 74 where some more quests opened up. Although they seemed to be group quests. So then I headed over to the Death Master Camps, where I managed to hit 76 that day.

Death Master Camp AE group. In my experience this is the best place to tackle these levels. Basically, you pull the entire lower camp and level it. These levels would take forever solo. You need nearly 3 million experience to level from 79 to 80.

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